When it comes to playing a bigger game in life, there is a Universal law that states that if a desire to achieve something is strong enough, then the means to make it happen also have to be there. This is so because a desire is a thought coming from the divine seeking physical manifestation through you, and it simultaneously expresses itself through you and through others. You only see half of it.

That’s an interesting spiritual concept and it requires experience to validate it. You don’t know something until you have the results to prove it, and to go beyond that, I don’t truly know something until I can explain it to anyone in a simple way. So after putting this law to the test in all kinds of ways, how does it show up in real life?

I have made a lot of investments in my growth, and found that whenever I got into a situation where money ran out, it ALWAYS showed up at the last minute. Sometimes I would go 2 or even 3 months with limited income, and when it runs out, a bulk of money comes from 2 or 3 different clients all at once. I got to a point where I stopped worrying about running out of money because it always shows up anyway. Feeling stressed about it is useless. In fact, these bottoms were where the biggest breakthroughs happened as boulders were forced to move for what I need to be provided.

Rion Freeberg also had a similar experience. He has lots of expenses and doesn’t hesitate to work with the best in the world, yet he never misses any payment. What he needs always shows up. We’re both being provided what we need to pursue our purpose. If an opportunity is off-track and isn’t required for my path, however, the money doesn’t show up for that. I don’t get to personally decide what is truly required or not.

Now, the way it shows up for various clients is where this gets interesting. I got to see many people put this principle into practice in their lives, I got to see their results, I have tuned in to detect the subtle energies within it and also had some of the best coaches in the world to give their perspective on it.

The first thing I noticed is that it is easier for people who don’t have the money to make an investment than for those who do have the money. Those who don’t have the money often have enough urgency to make things happen no matter the cost. Those who do have the money, however, often don’t have enough urgency to take action and would rather hold onto the security of what they have. Those who take action to transform their lives are generally people who either have intense pain, or are leaders continually seeking improvement. All those in-between tend to stagnate. As Timothy Ferriss said, the worst situation to be in life is in an unfulfilling but tolerable situation, as you can remain there your whole life.

Then, there are some people who wanted to resolve a problem yet couldn’t come up with the money to make it happen. After getting the feedback of some of my personal coaches and tuning into the energy of those situations, here’s what came up. Those who couldn’t come up with the money kind of want to change… but not really. They say yes more as a validation that they are doing something about their problem but aren’t actually committed to changing it.

Knowing from real-life experience where things happen and where things don’t happen can shift your attitude towards transformation and the way you are doing things. It also shifts the people I’m going to work with as I’m starting to realize just how the attitude, as well as the commitment, are important. After all, a problem cannot be resolved at the same level of consciousness that created it. Everything changes when you shift your attitude and decide to live at a different level of reality, at which point circumstances show up to support you down that path.

Where in your life did you get stuck for not seeing how to step into an opportunity? What needs to shift in your attitude for that path to open up?

Edit: After looking into several real-life cases, it always came down to either of 3 things:
1. Kind of wanting it but not really
2. Not believing they can get what they want
3. Inner conflict of values

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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