When I joined the Miracle of Money certification program, I made a commitment to help my clients break through financially. So far, I have seen them going through massive inner transformation and having huge insights and breakthroughs. But I don’t sell insights and breakthroughs, I sell concrete results. This brought me to question what’s missing in order for that specific tribe to get the financial results. Even though I officially left David Neagle’s Miracle of Money certification program, this changes nothing to my commitment. It really doesn’t matter who supports me or who gets in the way, I’m going forward anyway.

One of the reasons for the lack of financial results is value conflicts with the rest of what I’m teaching as explained here. Value conflicts are fairly easy to resolve. It simply requires a higher level of consciousness to bridge both my system and David’s system together. There is another reason for the lack of financial results, and this one is tougher to resolve.

If you look at the way money circulates, whether you have a job or a business, money flow in from like-minded people and flow out into the things you value. The easiest way to make money is to find groups of like-minded people seeking what you offer and get in front of them. I am mostly attracting young spiritual people such as indigo children and millennials. The problem is that this emerging spiritual tribe isn’t yet organized and there’s not much money circulating between them. It’s just a bunch of people here and there without money. It makes it hard to find groups of like-minded people, and if you do, they don’t have much money to invest anyway.

During the day of the 2012 energy shift, I was walking in Bangkok’s china-town. I was reading the history of how Chinese people came 200 years ago due to very difficult conditions in their country. They came to Bangkok with nothing and took whatever job they could find. Then, they would switch to a better job or start their own business. The Chinese community has grown tremendously over time and today it is a very powerful economic center of Bangkok. If you walk there, you see HUGE markets selling all kinds of goods in a densely-populated area. There were also many gold shops filled with 50-80 people waiting in line in each! It is incredible how much wealth and business is moving around in that area, especially when you think it all started from nothing. They really created their own ecosystem and those interested in what they offer go over to that area.

When it comes to spiritual communities, I see a clear difference between young spirituals and older spirituals. Young spirituals are highly spiritual by nature but not really conscious of it while older spirituals are trying to be spiritual to ease the pain in their lives. Older spirituals usually mostly develop their connection to oneness and/or their masculine goal-driven spirituality. They are usually open to femininity as long as it doesn’t involve letting go of controlling their lives and surrendering to a higher inner truth. Younger spirituals, on the other hand, are born with a higher spiritual balance and are very open to feminine consciousness and sexual consciousness because it resonates with what they already have. Also, while the majority of people identity themselves by their problems and challenges, older spirituals tend to identify themselves by their spiritual beliefs and spiritual practices. Contrary to what would seem logical, they become very closed-minded to any other spiritual principles because it would threaten their self-identity and everything they’ve built on top of it, especially if they are coaches or have a business teaching spiritual principles. Younger spirituals naturally carry a higher consciousness and have nothing to lose so they tend to be much more open-minded, and these younger spirituals are those I am attracting.

These younger spirituals are barely starting to get organized into communities. Oprah recently had a TV interview with next-generation spiritual thinkers which is a really great progress. Even these three successful teachers say that this group of young spirituals doesn’t have much money. We have to build a new ecosystem of like-minded people, and it’s going to be very difficult to do it just within a bunch of people without money. It’s very difficult to build wealth by adding pennies. The fastest way to build this new ecosystem would be to have people who have plenty of money to join that community and inject money into it. The good news is that with the 2012 energy shift, many people are shifting from non-spirituals to spiritual-but-not-conscious-of-it. As the whole planet is energetically activating, everybody is starting to carry a higher consciousness which shifts their way of thinking. That means anyone can now potentially be part of this new tribe, especially visionary entrepreneurs seeking to go where society is heading.

When it comes to building a new ecosystem of highly-conscious people, this is something much bigger than me or than anyone of you. It’s a little bit scary, which is a good indication that this is the direction to go. I also invite you to take a proactive position into this as I’m not going to do it alone. The closest analogy to this would be in the movie The Matrix. It’s very difficult for the people living outside the matrix to live abundantly because there are no organized communities to build wealth, except in the city of Zion. Zion is an example of a community and ecosystem built outside the matrix, and that’s what has to grow.

This is not an easy challenge to overcome but the implications of it will be very rewarding in many ways. The easiest way for you to break free financially and build this new ecosystem would be to reach out to people with money and bring them into this new way of thinking. It can be by reaching to people who have plenty of money but don’t like what they are doing, or by reaching out to visionary entrepreneurs seeking to go where society is heading. What role can you play in all this?

The first part of this article is available here.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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