As you probably know, Elon Musk just purchased Twitter. What’s really going on?

There also has been tons of timeline merges lately. A lot of lightworkers really got hammered the past few days. My daughter stayed up two nights straight saying it wasn’t safe to sleep. What’s going on?

I’ve also had Elon’s face in my mind a lot lately. What’s going on?

One morning, after my daughter stayed up all night and I barely got any sleep, I was about to catch some sleep, then saw Elon immitating shooting a gun with his hand while making the sound with his mouth; warping timelines. Is he using timeline warps to target lightworkers?

Another question. If he’s such a defender of free speech, why threaten the existence of Truth Social by purchasing its direct competitor right in the middle of the launch? Why not purchase it a year before or a year after? It’s a question worth asking.

We worked on clearing veils and illusions around him, and now can clearly see the intent of purchasing Twitter vibrating at -25 million, and his core intent vibrating at -95 million.

He’s purchasing Twitter for two main reasons. First, to cut Truth Social dead in its track, and second, to use it to push the transhumanism agenda. He’ll require every human to authenticate with their credentials, and will add NeuroLink into it.

Is he doing a good job of defeating the Satanists while a new group gains more power?

My Satanist shadow is responsible for this mess, so the Satanists definitely remain in control. It more looks like they pass to a new phase. They just replace old puppets with new ones.

Before taking down Thoth, Elon Musk was mainly a fragment of Thoth. Right now, he’s 2.4% Thoth, 42.8% Satan and 50.6% Lucifer fragments. Satan fragments hold the power while Lucifer fragments hold the control.

They also created new timelines with Elon-controlled police state, and a massive space portal technology protected by psychic assassins. Those timelines trying to merge with ours is part of the reason that lightworkers were getting hammered so hard.

Their timelines are collapsing, you should see the faces of those psychic assassins.

I’m currently working very hard at clearing the deepest layers of my Satanic shadow. I wonder if Biden bugging on stage for 15 seconds is the result of my clearings today?

So what to do about it?

Tomorrow, April 30th, is a solar eclipse. It amplifies all energy work by 100x 3 days before and after. This eclipse will pass over Chili and Peru. It will then be followed with a lunar eclipse on May 16th, which will amplify all work by 30x.

Elon Musk will become a major threat. For this eclipse, can we eliminate him? There’s a lot of work to do on this Twitter transition during the eclipse, and perhaps also some work to do on Chili and Peru. See what you can do.

Elon will appear fine and wait 3 years before releaving his true self. We don’t have to wait until then.

I’m focusing on clearing my shadow. I’ve already deleted the Thoth part of himself, I’ll do the same to delete the Satan part of himself. We’ll do what we can to take him down and see how it goes.

He’s currently in the middle of chaos, being attacked by liberals breaking down in panic. We can take the opportunity of the chaos to backstab from behind before he gains too much momentum. He’s busy elsewhere.

We also need to do some work to ensure that Truth Social becomes more stable than Twitter, and to maintain the momentum of the transition that he tried to stop.

Sorry to break the bubble, but Elon is not what he pretends to be.

This video from Man in America confirms everything I just said with his research.

All hands on deck, the next 3 days, or this month, will be a critical transition.

On a side note, I just noticed that most vaccinated people have a state of consciousness on the Hawkins scale that measures at… 0. Have they become robots that emulate their character without any real consciousness?

Curiously, Elon Musk’s state of consciousness also measures at 0, for what it’s worth.

Accuracy check on this article: 99.8%, distortion 0.3%, cross-distortion 0.13% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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