As many are now experiencing increasing challenges keeping their minds clear and focused, I want to share this resource that I’ve been using for a few years now. First, I’ll mention that we’re moving into a context of civil war. Great changes are taking place in the energetic levels, and the area where the energy is the most frantic and aggressive is in the mental plane. Quantum Mind Power helps exactly with that: stabilizing the mental plane.

I was looking for brainwave frequencies technologies and found many options out there. I was looking for something I could play in the background of music or mix with Natural Grounding. I was also looking for something to do as a complement to everything else I’m already doing, not as a main program that I have to follow level by level like Holosync. Most of the brainwave audios you find on YouTube are automatically generated by software and the authors really don’t know what they’re doing. I found some good brainwaves embedded into music but then I couldn’t mix that music with other music. There was one that looked great, and upon trying it, I found it had the tendency to pull my energy down a path of passive spirituality and conflicted with my grounded energy.

The one option I took was Quantum Mind Power, also known as the Morry method. The two main critics are this: some get turned off by the salesy marketing approach, and that it sounds like a weird elevator. For me that’s perfect, the non-music audio pattern allows me to put it into the background at low volume of anything else.

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I always recommend people to use any methods of emotional release, and it’s also important while doing brainwave as it might bring up emotional stuff to the surface. It is also a very important complement, and even more so as we move into the context of a civil war. The energetic planes are all inter-connected between us, and the mental plane makes no exception. As people hold frantically onto certain views of the world, the mental energy clashes in an absolutely frantic way. It is the greatest challenge if you try any form of meditation, and by addressing the mental level directly, it will make everything else easier.

Compared to other audios and resources I’m using, I’m only using Quantum Mind Power now and then, but I have to say it is very potent. I have audios playing day and night on my computer that help shift and stabilize the energies, and when I play Quantum Mind Power, I only play it for 20 minutes or 1 hour max. There is a series of audios available, and I intuitively select any one of them to play. The effect is clear: it neutralizes mental noise, both internal and external, and stabilizes and balances the brain. This makes it a lot easier to get work done.

That’s all I can say. You got to try it for yourself. If you do Natural Grounding, crystals healing or use any other healing methodologies, it will be a great addition to your practice by directly addressing a different front. What can I say… try it for yourself. You can get a “Digital Coffee” brainwave as a trial.

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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