Someone in my team designed an energetic technology to prevent, deflect and counter abductions. The cease and desist order on abductions has been mostly ignored, and whenever mind control chips were neutralized, they would abduct the person and install it back. This ends now. Anyone attempting illegal abduction will be lost into the future. Technical details to follow.

Abductions from secret space programs go along this protocol: they enter the victim’s third eye, lower their vibration to match theirs, and open a portal to physically bring them to their abduction centers. They send them on missions, conduct DNA tests, or bring them for a “20 years and back” program. In order to open the portal, the person must release their conscious control and the source and destination vibration must match and synchronize. When they are done, they install memory veils, render the person unconscious, and send them back to the time they were taken … and the victim doesn’t realize anything happened except a feeling of zoning out, and a feeling of confusion, or waking up exhausted after a “long night”, or needle marks on the arms. For longer operations, such as the 20 years and back program, the person is age-regressed, or cloned, before being sent back.

Now, it will go along those lines. Energetic technologies are being installed on abduction victims as we speak. When there is an attempt to open an abduction portal from a group with a negative vibration, the portal is already opening on one side, and it will deflect the other end of the portal into a coordinate in the future that matches their vibration. Groups with a vibration of -86000 cannot be sent to the same place as those with a vibration of -316. They will be taken care of at the other side in the future, and their fate must match their vibration. In the *best* case scenario, they will be allowed to travel back to 100 years from now, once their bases and operations are long gone and things have settled up.

Our collective vibration is now at 36, which could be best described as “being fed up of being fed up”. That’s the vibration Trump is operating from. That is the vibration giving him permission to take the actions he’s taking. This collective vibration now allows for such an intervention to take place. The ban on abductions vibrates at 36, and several destination have been determined with vibrations of -360, -85000 and -15 million.

In the last hour alone, there has been 31 offenses who are now lost in time. I felt an energetic reaction of extreme anger combined with respect, which indicates the operation is a success. Shall they find a way to work around this, we’ll find something else, but this just might do the trick.

Abductions are no longer tolerated.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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