There are 8 Immortals in Ancient China who are very well known. They had to gather because of necessity, and we’re in a similar situation today. 5 of the 8 Immortals have already found each other and gathered. The 3 others are still dormant. It appears there will be a follow up to the ancient legend. When it comes to Immortals, they aren’t going anywhere over time. It’s still all here. I would say that this story is more relevant today than ever.

I’m currently watching this Chinese TV Series called Legend of the Eight Immortals. It is 40-45% accurate to the reality. It appears all the main aspects of the story are accurate while details have been fabricated. It very accurately represents the real dynamics of the psychic realms and its influence over the physical world. The more you go through the series of 30 episodes, the more scarily it resembles what I’ve been sharing in the book The History of the Universe and the Psychic War of End Times.

I highly recommend watching this TV series. It’s in Chinese and the only place to watch it is on You will need a VPN such as TunnelBear to watch it from Singapore and not all VPNs work. If it still refuses, you may have to clear your cookies. There is a LOT of value to get from this, and deep philosophical understandings. It also shows the war between Draco-based powers and the light. There is more reality than fiction in it.

Watch it here on Make sure to enable English subtitles!

Read the book The History of the Universe and watch the Legend of the Eight Immortals. See how both relate with each other. I’m sure this will change the way you look at reality.

I personally have a lot to process as I go through it. In the story, Lu Dongbin got cursed with a Blood Spell. I can tell that this was never resolved. He got his mind back but the blood binding cannot be broken. I still have this blood binding to Tongtian and the only way to break it is for his soul to return to the void, and it is currently happening, but I must clear my mind of any evil and am in intense 5 days of meditation.

It appears Tongtian is now incarnated in England and leads a London branch of the Bohemian Groove. The Queen of England obeys to him. Accuracy check on these 2 sentences: 100%. But his powers greatly reduced over the past few years, and now they are completely gone. This soul binding to the very heart the Draco power structure definitely explains why I was so deeply involved in the psychic war. If I felt like I was a pivot of the war of the entire Universe, it’s because I was, through this soul binding.

Watch this series if you dare. I bet you’ll be scared as to how closely it matches the book I just wrote; especially when you get beyond episode 20.

Accuracy check on article: 93.2%

You can watch it here on It’s free but can only be accessed from Singapore or via a VPN.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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