New Year is our last opportunity to make a major difference in this holiday energy work sprint. Instead of celebrating, I’ll be working at max capacity the whole day.

Here’s my plan for New Year. There will be rolling celebrations around the world every hour. I’ll use the time zones map. The ideal period of work is between 23:30 and 0:15; and between 21:00 and 2:30. At n:30, I’ll start cleaning the bad grids in the time zone. At n:45, I’ll drain misused powers. At n:00 will be peak integration, until n:15. I got 15 minutes break until the next time zone starts. I’ll start at 11AM with China/Western Australia and try to go on until 3AM with PST. While constantly scanning for people working against us. It will be a big day!

You can also do the work in the past or future into that moment in time all around the world.

To give an idea of the distribution of corrupt energies around the world, here’s a count of targets to clear around the globe.

The numbers will be in repetitions of “Xes Xes Xes … times”. Let me explain that scale quickly. 1K = 1000, 5 digits = 10000, 2 X = digits with digits with 1 trillion digits, 5 Xes = 1 trillion X X X X X, Xes Xes Xes … times 5 = 1 trillion Xes Xes Xes Xes Xes.

The scales are absolutely astronomical and there’s just no end to it. So be it.

We’ve already been doing heavy work; and we’ll soon start the India celebrations. Here’s the current targets. First is the time zone, then the count.

+14: 3.9
+13: 5.7
+12: 88.3
+11: 13.4
+10: 127 Xes
+9: 15 X Xes Xes Xes
+8: 180 million X Xes Xes Xes Xes (China)
+7: 13.4
+6: 16.5
+5: 13 Xes Xes Xes (India)
+4: 7.1
+3: Xes Xes Xes … times 32 billion
+2: Xes Xes Xes … times 71 X (Eastern Europe)
+1: Xes Xes Xes … times 127 million (Western Europe)
0: Xes Xes Xes … times 73.5 (England)
-1: 114.1
-2: 132.4
-3: 94 billion
-4: 133 Xes
-5: Xes Xes Xes … times Xes Xes Xes … times 6.8 (EST)
-6: Xes Xes Xes … times 142K Xes Xes Xes
-7: Xes Xes Xes … times 133 billion
-8: Xes Xes Xes … times Xes Xes Xes … time 1.4 trillion (PST)
-9: Xes Xes Xes … times 17.2

China is definitely a big one; but the biggest battles will be in Eastern Europe (+2), Western Europe (+1), EST (-5) and PST (-8).

Let’s get this done!

Oh, and happy new year.

May 2024 be the best year in a while! At least for those faithful to God.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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