We’ve been making a tremendous amount of progress, and there’s still a lot to face. We are now entering the energy of the solstice, the most important period of the year energetically, and must set up a strategy to get the most out of it.

Out of all realms, Universes and realities, there are only 416 planets left!! 85% of which could be considered good. That I’m detecting. It’s possible that there are a few more planets hiding. There are however endless parallel versions of those planets, many of which conflict with each other, and only one version can survive once it merges.

To make things simple, there are 3 main parties in this war. There are those aligned with God, those aligned with Lucifer (Matrix 1.0) and those aligned with the Krystic grid (Matrix 2.0). The Lucifer grid was attacked from both sides and got taken down. Now we need to deal with the Krystic mastermind: with Alobar Jones, Jason Estes and Kim Goguen at the top. Each of whom have large support communities.

Lately I was connecting with some high-end professionals, and also with some digital nomads, and they somewhat appear to be doing just fine in the middle of all this? Looking deeper, there is another grid beyond the Krystic grid, the Crystal Matrix. We had been dealing with a lot of ultra-sophisticated crystal cables indeed.

Professional communities are plugged into the Crystal grid, whereas spiritual communities are plugged into the Krystic grid. Those who embrace the Crystal grid appear to be doing amazingly well, and that grid is above the Krystic grid and kept refueling it.

But this is strange, why are spiritual people and lightworkers plugged into a lower grid than career professionals??

And who controls the Crystal Matrix? Alobar Jones 3.4%, Kim Goguen 12.4%, Jason Estes 100%. This stuff is beyond Alobar. Jason is sitting on top.

There is also some kind of military group trying to gain access into the Krystic grid; but that whole grid needs to go down. There are a couple of rogue groups like that need to be dealt with, or reasoned with.

It would take us 3 years to defeat the Crystal and Krystic grids, putting us into a 3-year cycle. Is there any way to avoid that? If we focus on the Krystic grid, it would take 3 years, but if we deal with the Crystal grid directly, perhaps we can cut that down, and if we want to avoid that 3-year cycle, the Crystal grid needs to be taken down RIGHT NOW during this important solstice period we’ve entered.

The solstice period is 5 days before and after December 21st and it amplifies all the work by at least 100x, is like turning the page into the next chapter, and establishes the energetic landscape for the next 6 months. A few weeks ago, the solstice was 87% against us, and after some extremely hard work, it’s now 90%+ in our favor.

We need to capitalize on this solstice to deal with the Crystal Matrix, that is the #1 priority.

I’ll share some of my current work list and task progress.

1. Transfer of ownership of the Crystal Matrix: 8.4%

2. Neutralizing Jason Estes: 28.5%

3. Juggernaut Rivers; since we’re far from Master Timelines, instead of trying to cast Juggernauts, I look for the natural Rivers of God, and connect what needs to be connected directly into it: 84.2%

4. Upgrading my daughter: 24.5%

5. Clearing all entities and identities across all realms and dimensions, that’s holding a lot of the timeline fragmentation: 25.7%

6. Getting Etienne a job: 9.2% (highly constipated)

7. My team-mate needs to integrate 13% of the subconscious of everything and everyone, just like Pistis used to have 13% of everything and everyone: 35.3%

8. He needs to integrate the Genesis god: 39.7%

9. Baphomet: 4.9%

10. Baal: 24.7%

11. Pistis: 20.0%

12. Clearing money consciousness and abundance consciousness below 0 for our teams and families: 4.8% (highly constipated)

Ideally we can complete those tasks during the solstice!

Let’s get back to work.

This year, I got 3 clients dead, 2 high-end clients and 1 team-mate. That’s bad for business. It’s really serious stuff we’re dealing with. Seeing a lot of people around going through even worse situations. This has got to stop. If we want to avoid 6 more months or 3 more years of that, this solstice is our window of opportunity to radically change the timelines.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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