We’re making everything possible to try to end this war by New Year, which is our only opportunity to change the timeline of the upcoming year. We have made a tremendous amount of progress, and there is still a lot more work to do. The important dates of the holidays: there was the solstice on the 21st and the triple Retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter and Uranis). Christmas Eve was a very major date, perfect to work on the collectives when all the families are rejoining. Full moon on the 26th, then New Year Eve similar to Christmas Eve. This whole period until January 3rd will establish the landscape for the upcoming year.

We’re completely eliminated a wide range of targets and threats. We are still 3.5 months away from joining the first Master Timeline. There are currently 12 master timelines while we are in a minor timeline far away from those timelines. This is what makes our reality so fragmented and unstable. Once we join a master timeline, we’ll be much less vulnerable to timeline collisions and fragmentation.

Can we join the first Master Timeline by New Year? Let’s try! We’re still falling short, but we can upgrade and give the necessary extra push.

Although we’ve cleared a long list of threats, our current list of work is: Simulations, Pistis Sophia, and Timelines. Still need to keep a constant eye on Alobar Jomes and Jason Estes, as there is always more to their AI systems.

Here is one area that is of particular importance: your inner image of yourself. You have an image imprinted in your subconscious mind of who you are and the circumstances around you. That inner image determines your circumstances in life and is of primordial importance.

If you try to change it consciously, you only alter a surface 1% layer. That image is fragmented into many fragments. Sometimes 30 layers, sometimes 1 billion layers, and sometimes 800 digits layers.

What I realized is that the people who constantly struggle with problems have this inner image very heavily fragmented! That inner image fragmentation is also directly related to the timeline fragmentation, so to solve the timeline fragmentation problem, we must solve the inner image fragmentation problem!

Look at your inner image, both above and below ground. Imagine a mirror in the floor, with your field expanding both above and below. It’s important to look at both. Some people have their image above with low fragmentation and the image below very heavily fragmented. Then, ask God how many fragments you have above and below.

You need to do some healing on your inner image; and we also need to do that healing globally, but starting on ourselves.

Here’s another area I’m starting to focus on: adrenal fatigue, that leads to physical exhaustion. With everything that’s been happening in the past 6 months, the majority of people have a high level of adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. Need to work on recharging those batteries!

Finally, let’s see how the recent progress is affecting the hardship numbers globally.

Etienne hardship:
Now: 13K %
1 week: 1325%
2 weeks: 726%
3 weeks: 611%
4 weeks: 515%
2 months: 310%
3 months: 276%
4 months: 347%
5 months: 289%
6 months: 417%
9 months: 511%
1 year: 613%
1.5 years: 511%
2 years: 318%
2.5 years: 712%
3 years: 610%

Hardship of the 11% of America most aligned with God
Now: 87%
1 month: 91%
2 months: 93%
3 months: 94%
4 months: 96%
5 months: 97%
6 months: 98%
9 months 115%
1 year: 123%
1.5 years: 144%
2 years: 155%
2.5 years: 164%
3 years: 175%

Hardship of the rest of America excluding illegal immigrants
Now: 55%
1 month: 67%
2 months: 73%
3 months: 74%
4 months: 75%
5 months: 76%
6 months: 77%
9 months: 81%
1 year: 84%
1.5 years: 87%
2 years: 89%
2.5 years: 91%
3 years: 93%

Some people can easily fall into hardship timelines that would take 1 to 3 years to resolve.

We’re far from the million % hardship numbers we had before, but the problems are definitely not all solved. Got to give a big extra push to hammer this down as much as possible before New Year!

Many are also feeling massive relief from what we cleared in the past week!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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