In regards to the God Connection Attunement, I received several questions about who is this God I’m talking about. Some of these questions are addressed in the complimentary ebook, and I will go more in depth here.

First, I always say: There is only one God (source), but there can be many gods (advanced souls).

Beyond that, it is best to actually not try to define God. By defining it, you create an intellectual connection and mental container around it, that may actually harms your genuine connection to it.

Let’s compare this to sunlight. It feels warm, it protects you from harm, it guides you through darkness, it revitalizes you, and it is the source of all life on Earth. Yet we never give much thoughts to sunlight.

The genuine Light of God works in the same way. Instead of focusing on the sunlight, you’ll instead focus on installing windows in your house at the right locations and cleaning them on a regular basis so the light can shine through. You’ll learn a lot more about sunlight by bathing in it than by trying to define it.

That is exactly what we’re doing with the God Connection Attunement. We’ve opening and cleaning the window so the natural Light can shine through, nothing less nothing more.

Then, you may ask, how do you know it’s not a fake god or a fake light? After all, there is a LOT of fake gods and fake light everywhere, in our everyday lives. There are Voice of God technologies where the deep state can feed voices into your mind as if it came from God. How do you know the sun isn’t just another program in the matrix?

That is where the real Inner Alchemy work comes in. You cleanse your inner buildings, and while working on your inner Temple of the Soul and Lighthouse buildings, you’ll see any veils, implants or illusions hijacking those buildings. I did a meditation with a person in China, and there was literally an AI robot that showed up in her inner buildings! We told it to leave, and it said … which way? Left, right, up or down? The inner reality doesn’t lie.

This is my perspective on it. Don’t focus on defining or understanding God. Focus on cleansing your windows so the Light can shine through, and you’ll understand it from there.

You may want to look into the God Connection Attunement I’m now offering.

So far, the first few took a lot of time and energy to complete, as it requires piercing a hole in the matrix. It’s the last 20% that really requires a lot of work. They’ve also been getting sick for a day or two, and then it was fine.

What are your thoughts on this God? Got an experience to share? Post your thoughts in the comments.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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