One of the most convoluted topics in the consciousness and spiritual communities, yet very little discussed, is the future of money. Can we transcend it? Should we use it? What is it going to look like in 100 years? What about in a million years?

There has been a lot of talks about creating a money-less society. However, it came from a very deep scarcity mentality and from a hate of money. Following the law of attraction, they have indeed created a money-less lifestyle for themselves.

Money serves to facilitate the exchange of value. If you want bread, and you have eggs, you can trade your eggs for bread. What if you have only cows? You’re not going to break down a cow for some bread. What if you have nothing the other person needs?

Then look at the computer, cellphone or tablet you’re reading this from. This technology has been made possible because thousands of people have put their efforts together, gathering components and resources from several continents, and through a highly-efficient network of cooperation, it was all brought together to create this device that nobody could create on their own. Without money as a facilitator for exchange, this would not be possible.

Can money be transcended like in Star Trek? It is possible, but only within a closed community to cover for internal needs. You still need to exchange resources with the outside world.

Most importantly, you can’t transcend money from a state of mind of scarcity. The population would first have to reach a sufficient level of financial maturity and wealth mindset, and only then it could be transcended in certain environments. But then, if you have a wealth mindset, there is suddenly no need to transcend money anymore because it’s working and creating opportunities.

How does it work on other planets? I would say that 85% of inhabited planets have no money. 35% of planets at our level of development or above have no money. When it comes to Light-based advanced civilizations, I’m sensing it to be around 50/50. Andromedia and the Avians planets have no money, whereas most of the Orion planets have money.

In Andromedia, there is no money and no technology, and your needs are taken care of. However, and I think it’s important to emphasize, there is very little opportunity to progress in social rank within an incarnation! You are born in a certain position based on your level of consciousness and your karma, and it is very rare that someone will outgrow their position. There are advantages, but to me, this is a definite limitation. It doesn’t give you must control over your destiny.

In Andromedia, most souls are heart-based and they do not use money. For that reason, 72% of those who tried to incarnate on Earth failed to incarnate at all. It is not a mode of living that works here.

How does it work in Orion? They have a science of Liquid Money and Liquid Management Systems that is the core of the prosperity of the empire. Money is viewed like the water in an ecosystem. When the water is clear and flowing, the ecosystem is healthy. The concept may appear simple but this is actually a very deep science behind the wealthiest and most spiritually and technologically advanced empire in this Universe. I am still working on recovering that knowledge and it would take several books to cover.

For now, we have to start with the basics: shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

Any idea of transcending money at this point is called spiritual bypassing: avoiding to deal with reality.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Got a perspective to share? Post it in the comments below.

P.S. I’m currently working on a new product to shift your money mindset and create a new reality of abundance. I finally nailed down some very powerful keys, currently looking with a few clients how it works in practice.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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