Here are some updates on the global situation. As of late, there’s a lot more involvement from other Light-based planets as we’re gaining momentum towards ascension. With the trouble the Galactic Federation went through, they sent 515 battleships to surround our planet and help stabilize the grid. That was about 2 months ago.

Now, we started synchronizing the core of our planet into other planets: Andromedia (vibration 8600), an Orion planet (vibration 15000), and an elemental planet in Sirius (vibration 12000), to start harmonizing our energy with other civilizations in the cosmos, and to offload the crazy energetic pressure onto very stable planets. Furthermore, each anchor planet is further stabilized by 3 to 10 planets, forming a huge stabilizing network for our planet.

3 Orion ships also entered in orbit for the first time. One has a vibration of 97 billion, 12D technology built in 37000 densities. Absolutely beautiful! Among the deadliest things in this Universe though. It’s name translates to “Destroyer and Birther of Planets”, with 37 destroyed planets and 108 constructed planets under its belt. The Zetas challenged it; it destroyed 1 Zeta ship and fused 6 others together. The Zetas calmed down. This ship installed a physical stabilizing grid around our planet and is working on the collective memory complex, with approval of the counsels. It will be active for the coming months.

Now, the Cabal has been ultra-offensive lately and the vibration of California has been at -95 billion lately. 53% of the population of California is headed towards complete soul disintegration. Thus, we had to start doing intensive non-stop psychic bombing on California since Tuesday October 22nd. Those bombings calmed down today on California and they’re redirecting their efforts onto the fear matrix, and the cabal agents publishing content to manipulate people into fear. We had to intensify the operation until the backbone of California melted down so we can anchor in the new energies. We opened portals in California connecting to these other planets to stabilize the grid.

Now, I understand a lot has been happening in California during that time, including wildfires, power outages and seismic movements. These are just warning signs. I’ve been talking about the 3-year Luciferian cycle that would probably end with a big earthquake in California, and even the Bible talks of that event. Tuning into it, the big earthquake is most likely going to happen in about 2.5 years… and what me and several other people measured is about 1.7 million deaths. HOWEVER, 97% would die in the aftermath in the way the crisis is handled. The whole grid may be down for 2 or 3 months. Most people there want the government to take care of them; few care about being autonomous. This will be the death of the socialist dream. If you can be autonomous for 2 months, you’ll be fine.

Now, before you go off talking about the earthquake, what’s important is not whether there will be an earthquake or not, but WHY this is happening.

I’ve also given warnings in the past about an EMP strike in the East Coast, and an Holocaust, neither of which happened since we did excellent work to avert those timelines, putting us into a greatly accelerated timeline. This time, I don’t think it can (or should) be avoided.

What I’m sensing is that after the earthquake, it’s going to take another 6 months before the grid starts to shift for the better. And from there, it will be full steam ahead.

Earth has been a main stronghold of the dark forces, and is going to become a stronghold for the Light forces. Everything is converging here.

We’re in an accelerated 12-year ascension timeline so things are going to pick up speed increasingly.

Accuracy check: 98.6%, measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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