After years of insane battles and digging, we finally found how this whole mess started. We’re dealing with a scheme of planet and universe harvesting at a scale that is beyond infinite. We saw 35 civilizations on Earth disappear before us, but the amount of planets and Universes that disappeared in similar ways is beyond anything you can count. When you get that procedure encoded into an AI that feeds from entire planets and duplicates itself indefinitely, you get proportions beyond imagination. This cancer grew into an infinity of infinities. But how did this mess of unlimited darkness get started?

First, let’s put proper names to things. The witch Mary Magdalene is an aspect of Mephisto, which explains how she was so strong. Buddha is an aspect of Lucifer. Jesus is an aspect of Lucifer with a battery shard of my essence. Lucifer is an extension of Baal. It doesn’t mean their higher selves told the physical vessels everything, but the higher selves definitely knew what they were doing. These prime evils operate via proxies. They avoid revealing themselves directly. Some vessel are conscious, some are semi-conscious and some are non-conscious. Alobar is a conscious Baal vessel.

What % were those Prime Evils in direct or indirect control of those vessels? Magdalene: 100%, Buddha: 95%.

For Jesus, I got into arguments with my friend. Did the Pleiadians engineer him? I get a strong yes on that. He wasn’t on his own with his powers, he had the Pleiadians backing him. Also look at other planets out there, almost every other farms also had a similar Christ story. That settles my point.

These great teachers taught us just enough to grow into beautiful cows, but nothing at their level of knowledge nor anything that could threaten their established order.

As we were going through the big demons one after the other, we finally got to Mephisto and Baal that we hadn’t come across yet. They were in our face the whole time.

We also got through many other ancient demons. Some of them surrendered or were not interested to fight, and they gave us some names.

One name that came up repeatedly in the past few days: Lucaria, and an academy. We dealt with Lucaria, and finally got to the Lucaria Academy. Something important happened there, back in the origins of time. My friend had just recovered memories of being exiled from an academy that had been taken by darkness.

The Raya Lucaria Academy is in the game Elden Ring. In the game, you get to an ancient Academy that had been sealed. Upon entering, everything is corrupted, and Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, waits in the middle, summoning her minions. Many stories are inspired from astral realities.

So what happened there?

The Lucaria Academy was an important consciousness project of God. Baal was a white mage teaching at the Academy. Voldamort showed up, started corrupting everyone and took over the Academy. The white mage, in panic, decided to seal the academy and bury it alive, with all the innocents in it. God disapproved and this created massive karma, his defenses went down, everyone was cursing him, and Voldamort got to him hardcore. Voldamort transferred himself into Baal, and from here-on, he was known as Baal, Lord of Destruction. A fitting name for his karma!

Upon removing the deeper seal, everything looks dead under it. Many armies of angels are currently investigating the crime scene.

THIS is the start of all this madness.

Sure, Voldamort has a deeper story, but this is where the Great Fall began. I never thought we’d ever go that far back into ancient history.

We should be seeing big charges, and soon start in our upward path. This marks the end of a Cycle of Evil that lasted an eternity, and the beginning of a new global Era.

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At God speed.

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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