A lot has been happening since working on the Philosopher’s Stone. This is a follow-up to the last article “What Is the Philosopher’s Stone“. As far as I know, I am the second person in the world (alive today) to complete the Philosopher’s Stone. Here I will share many breakthroughs that have been flowing since.

In the picture I posted before, what didn’t show up in the reading is that the expression of all the energies, or the way it is being received by others and circulating, was very low. With Natural Grounding, the expression/receptivity readings are what matter the most, as it determines the power of influence and what gets externally created. So, I had a very high embodiment and very low expression/receptivity. It is becoming clear that embodiment and expression/receptivity are two different things. I could do energy readings for either one.

When there is embodiment without expression, the energy is very stable but it isn’t being received by others so it doesn’t manifest much physically. When there is expression without embodiment, it more looks like a cartoon or a house of cards. It manifests things physically, but there is no control over what actually gets created, it feels like crap and it can all fall down with the next wind.

I realized I can build a second Philosopher’s Stone on a larger scale for the expression of all the energies. This one is even more powerful, but also creates a lot more chaos. Or perhaps puts order into the chaos that exists anyway? I’m the second one to complete the Philosopher’s Stone, and the first person to develop this second stone. My energy is still very unstable and my right leg has been very painful for the past 3 days.

You know the Illuminatis, also known as the Old World Order, who have been controlling our planet? It’s not a conspiracy theory as they’re not hiding it anymore. They published a book explaining who they are and how they work, which helps get an understanding of how they are thinking from the inside. Their source of power is a powerful aggregate of energy that is the “eternal light of the all-seeing eye”. I did a meditation and went into the “all-seeing eye”, and it looked like a planet where “enlightened souls”, which means souls that fully surrendered to the control of this entity in exchange for great power, are living. I went to the core of that planet/aggregate with the Philosopher’s Stone and it disintegrated. The eternal light went off. Not so eternal after all. The Illuminatis, who were mind-controlling the population with this energy, are definitely defeated. Big changes are going to unfold very soon. Since Putin is the main player who has been opposing the Old World Order, it most likely will show up in terms of shifting relationships between the West and Russia. Meanwhile, Jean Chrétien, Canada’s ex-prime minister, went to visit Putin in Moscow. Then Merkel went to Moscow as well for a joint press conference. Then even John Kerry went to Russia and decided to leave the Ukraine conflict behind!

Meanwhile, the energetic structure of the planet has been shifting DEEPLY over the past few days. My right leg has been very painful for a few days, and several other people on Facebook have been reporting having weird pains and diseases. My focus now is in stabilizing my energy and both Philosopher’s Stones.

I have posted detailed updates throughout this awakening process on the Sex Energy Transformational Entertainment Facebook group.

Once the Philosopher’s Stone is stabilized, the next focus will be money and abundance. I will be launching a call series specifically to increase your financial wealth, for the simple reason that is has been the weakest point for most who have been on a spiritual awakening journey, and your overall energy is only as strong as its weakest link. The idea is to use the power of the Philosopher’s Stone to shift the money energy around and open up an energetic channel to wealth, not only for myself but also for you. I have been downloading knowledge as to the specific recipe through which money manifests from source consciousness into physical form. This program will be POWERFUL. My own energy must be perfectly clear and stable first. There is now a river of life flowing where previously there were only concrete walls upon concrete walls.

More updates soon!

On the side is another picture of me that is in a more open expression than last time. Here’s the energy reading in this format: Embodiment Height * Depth / Expression Height * Depth (all on a 0-10 Hawkins Scale). It’s getting into some kind of unstable stability… and what you don’t see in the picture is the pain in my right leg.

Personality: 9.2 * 8.5 / 10 * 10
Sexuality: 9.2 * 8.5 / 9.2 * 8.5
Self-confidence: 10 * 10 / 10 * 10
Ability to resolve conflicts: 9.8 * 6.5 / 9.8 * 9.2
Self-acceptance: 8.5 * 9.2 / 9.2 * 9.3
Emotional intelligence: 9.2 * 9.2 / 9.3 * 9.3
Communication: 9.2 * 9.3 / 8.2 * 3.5
Grounding to the physical world: 7.2 * 3.8 / 9.2 * 9.3
Connection to stillness: 9.2 * 9.0 / 9.2 * 9.2
Connection to the force of life: 9.3 * 9.3 / 9.3 * 9.3
Physical non-rivalry: 7.2 * 3.5 / 8.2 * 1.3
Emotional non-rivalry: 7.2 * 3.5 / 6.2 * 3.2
Spiritual non-rivalry: 9.8 * 9.2 / 9.2 * 9.0
Wealth: 8.4 * 8.6 / 9.2 * 9.0
Recognition: 8.2 * 3.5 / 9.2 * 9.3

Oh, one more thing. They say that the Philosopher’s Stone allows transmuting lead into gold? My experience has been the opposite. I bought some fishing lead to experiment. Lead somehow reacts with the Philosopher’s stone (the embodiment one, not the expression one) and strengthens, cleans and polishes it! Lead turns the Philosopher’s Stone into gold!? I don’t get it. Still lots of unanswered questions.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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