The planetary astral war is over. The ultimate goal of Alchemy is the construction of the Philosopher’s Stone, or Enlightenment, and I am now in the final phases of completing that work. Alchemy is the art of transmutation of self and transmutation of energies, but what is the Philosopher’s Stone? Let me share what I am discovering as I am finalizing it. If you look at my picture, the energy is now extremely clear and grounded to both Heaven and Earth.

The Philosopher’s Stone is the crystallization of consciousness into a perfectly pure field of energy. It provides unlimited power of protection, creation and transmutation. In this picture, it’s not perfectly pure yet, but it’s getting very close and you can see the crystalline energy structures. The “stone” is a state of consciousness.

How many people on the planet have completed the Philosopher’s Stone? Nobody currently incarnated on the planet has completed it.

It appears there was an energy grid based on passive spirituality grounded in Nepal that was stabilizing the planetary field with advanced but incomplete knowledge. That energy grid blew up as the planetary vibration kept raising with the active force of life expanding, causing a massive earthquake and destabilizing the planetary field. It knocked me out for a few days. Building a new energy grid based on accurate knowledge becomes even more important. As Nepal self-heals, we’ll emerge into a new era.

My Alchemy teacher, Jacques Tombazian, is very close to completing the Philosopher’s Stone but hasn’t fully completed it yet. His energy was in bad shape after the Nepal earthquake and hadn’t recovered yet. Monday he started working on installing an energy device in the heart chakra of the planet located at La Conception, Quebec, and will be working the whole week to strengthen the planetary field. Since his energy was in bad shape and my Philosopher’s Stone was in full shape, I tested its power by rebuilding Jacques’ stone. It took 5 minutes to fully rebuild 2 of the 3 parts of his Philosopher’s Stone. This will make his important work much easier for the week. The healing power the stone provides is extremely potent. On May 15th, he also will be installing an energy device in the solar plexus of the planet located at Isla del Sol between Bolivia and Peru.

How do you accomplish the work of Alchemy and build the Philosopher’s Stone? Doing the energy work is extremely important, but what’s also required before completing the first part of the stone is the accomplishment of the Great Work, which is your soul’s greater purpose. This takes time, energy and dedication.

I accomplished in just a few years what other students working with Jacques never accomplish in 30 years, and what most people never accomplish in 20 lifetimes. It took me 3 years to go through the meditations in Jacques’ book to build the first part of the stone, and the hardest part came afterwards as the planetary astral war kept escalating.

The secret to this massive growth is combining Natural Grounding with Alchemy. Both methodologies are extremely powerful on their own, and amplify each other when used together.

For now I’m working intensively on stabilizing the Philosopher’s Stone, rebuilding it daily as energies keep shifting globally. This will establish a strong foundation for the work to come. I’m also going through restructuring my physical environment.

I was about to launch a new live training about money and wealth, and wasn’t sure which angle it would take. The message I’m now getting is that I first must stabilize my Philosopher’s Stone, then use its power to open a channel to wealth energy, then observe the specific dynamics of money energy and how it flows, and teach that. Coming soon!

Oh, and no Enlightenment doesn’t mean transcending sexuality and being nice to everyone. I still take a few drinks, have tons of sex, parties, women and all that, and I’m starting to train Muay Thai again to strengthen my physical energy and get my physical body back in shape. The difference that makes the difference is that it’s all coming from a very functional space of healing and growth. The body is the temple that houses the soul and it must be in shape.

And no, the way I see it, Enlightenment doesn’t mean ending the cycle of reincarnation as the Buddhists say. What if I LOVE my life? Enlightenment is the realization that reincarnation is a CHOICE.

Here’s the energy reading of my picture. These readings will be properly explained in the upcoming book The Alchemy of Success. I am measuring the height of the vibration on a 0-10 Hawkins Scale, then multiply it by the depth of the energy also on a 0-10 Hawkins Scale, to give the energetic force. I multiply by .11 to bring it back into a scale of 11, since this multiplication lowers the numbers and almost nothing ever goes above 10 on that scale.

Height * Depth * .11 = Force

Physical Masculine: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Physical Feminine: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Emotional Masculine: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Emotional Feminine: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Spiritual Masculine: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Spiritual Feminine: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Egoless: 10 * 9.2 * .11 = 10.1
Stillness: 10 * 8.2 * .11 = 9.0
Personality: 9.5 * 8.9 * .11 = 9.3
Projected personality: 9.2 * 9.3 * .11 = 9.4
Self-confidence: 9.2 * 8.9 * .11 = 9.0
Ability to resolve conflicts: 9.4 * 9.6 * .11 = 9.9
Self-acceptance: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Emotional intelligence: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Communication: 9.2 * 9.3 * .11 = 9.4
Grounding to the physical world: 10 * 8.7 * .11 = 9.6
Fire: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Water: 9.2 * 9.2 * .11 = 9.3
Earth: 9.3 * 8.5 * .11 = 8.7
Air: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Aether: 10 * 10 * .11 = 11
Wealth: 10 * 9.2 * .11 = 10.1
Physical Non-Rivalry: 9.2 * 9.3 * .11 = 9.4
Emotional Non-Rivalry: 9.2 * 9.6 * .11 = 9.7
Spiritual Non-Rivalry: 9.4 * 9.7 * .11 = 10.0

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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