So much has been going on lately. I just moved out of Budapest and settled in Playa del Carmen in Mexico a few days ago. I was a sponsor at the Enlightened Business Live event in San Diego and that event was legendary. I could write a whole series of articles just on that. Energies have also been shifting tremendously the whole month. Although I could immune myself against energetic attacks, I was severely affected by the way realities are now colliding. We had to find a creative solution to this, and we found one: bend the spiritual and physical laws, or work with a different set of laws. Warning: this article is extremely advanced.

There is a concept which I had never heard of before: energetic density. There are 7 density levels and the spiritual and physical laws are different at each density level. If you wonder where this information comes from, most of it is downloaded from the source itself.

Plants and minerals are 1st density.

Animals are 2nd density.

Humans are 3rd density.

Psychics and healers are 4th density beings, which allows all psychic and telepathic abilities.

Master Zhou, who can heat metals and move objects, is a 5th density being. I now believe this density level allows all abilities related to moving and altering objects. That would explain why I could do lots of extremely advanced things but can’t directly alter any physical object in any way. That also explains why Master Zhou can do things no other Qi Gong master can do.

Jesus was a 6th density being, so is Daniel Pomerleau, who can generates free energy and do lots of crazy things nobody can neither explain nor reproduce. I now believe everything related to transmuting matter can only be done at this density level.

Seraphims are 7th density beings incarnated into 4th or 5th density bodies.

When it comes to the problem with the way realities collide in the energetic planes, here’s the solution we found: we disintegrated my identity and recreated it at a higher density level. We recreated it at the 5th density but since this is highly experimental new stuff, we didn’t do it properly and it cracked open to the 6th density when I wasn’t really ready for it.

The spiritual laws are different at these higher density levels. Realities don’t clash anymore. The other realities that collide with mine simply get transmuted and it doesn’t affect me. Problem solved! Everything manifests much faster. Now the question is: which spiritual and physical laws still apply and which ones don’t?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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