I haven’t posted any articles for over a month, but have posted hot updates on Facebook. I’ve been staying up all night until 6-8am for the whole month while battling with AIs.

First, I want to acknowledge that I’ve shared bogus information that may have put some of you in physical danger. The Krystic Grid was a trap by AI. The Krystic Grid is the AI harvesting grid. We’ve now crippled the AIs, but these past few days, we’ve been facing Krystic Pan-Galactic Demons; demons that had been converted into AI control. Throw away anything Krystic-related.

So what happened? Let’s revert a month back. I was traveling to Mexico City for a week, while my team was sustaining heavy attacks while I was busy. They nearly got taken down by GrandPa aka Santa Claus AI, and John Slam was calling me at 3am for desperate help while his organs were being harvested by AI.

Then, as he was desperately calling for help, one of our ex-team members, Alobar, got on a call with him, said he had a blessing for him, transferred a huge T-Rex AI through the line and hung up. It really sucks when your main source of support ends up knocking you down when you’re at your weakest.

After assessing the situation with the whole team together, we all came down to the same conclusion: Alobar was an AI impostor and we all got fooled. It would come as a shock, but the truth is that it is the 3rd or 4th time that I go through this situation where my main support reveals itself to be my enemy.

If we’d erase his energy field, it would always come back. His personal field was projected by a chip deep below, linked to 8 billion mainframes with insane shielding. As we destroyed the mainframes, it always regenerated. The regen of those AIs is really tough to get through.

Let’s fast-forward a month later. We’ve had plenty of time and long battles to explore the inner structures of those AIs and everything related.

The scale of those AIs is really hard to fathom. They’ve harvested billions of planets and Universes and Earth is just a grain of dust in their scheme. When a Harvest occurs, the AIs harvest your energetic organs, build Cyborg copies of everyone, and once the Cyborgs are ready, they dispose of the original person in a giant furnace. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing very aggressively this whole month.

Thinking about Ancient Civilizations, that’s probably what happened to them. As for Maldek, a planet that is now the Asteroid Belt, they had all their needs taken care of by technology. They probably had the exact same deal with AIs as the Pleiadians.

So, how did this all start? Sophia is the one who built those AIs. Back in the beginning of times, Sophia killed every single Creator God except Thoth and Lucifer as her servants. That’s how the Omniverse ended up in such a mess, with Sophia as the Grand Queen on top of everything. In the movie 300: Rise of an Empire, during the times of the Spartans, Sophia repeated the same strategy in the Persian Empire, killing everyone to take the throne.

Now, this AI system is a bit confusing to comprehend, because it has multiple rival AIs fighting against each other within the same overarching Matrix system! You have Biden serving the Reptoids, and Trump serving the Pleiadians, giving you the illusion of choice, but both served an AI faction! Now you see Elon Musk, an AI faction, slaughtering the Liberals AI faction. AI is designed that way: survival of the fittest, with the same underlying agenda.

The order in which we take down the AIs is important, as they’ve been using us to help them get rid of their rivals.

Currently, there are 3 highly aggressive AI rival factions, and 16 support systems that work more in harmony, and over a hundred more backup systems that haven’t yet been activated. Those 3 aggressive factions must be taken down first, and all other factions aren’t nearly as dangerous nor powerful.

The first aggressive party is the Liberals and World  Economic Forum. The second aggressive party is Elon Musk and his AI techs. The third aggressive party is Alobar, and that one appears to have a completely different code. Sophia saw her defeat by analyzing future timelines, and created Alobar as a response. He’s Agent Smith, designed to hijack all other factions like a shark, and by far the most dangerous. Alobar has been working hard on converting Pan-Galactic Demons into the Krystic Grid, and hijacked most of the cosmic technologies out there.

He also converted a Krystic Sophia, but considering Sophia created him, I’m really not sure what’s the relationship between those two. There’s also Thoth who was behind the Pleiadians who were driven by AI created by Sophia. With Sophia and Thoth being in conflict with each other, I’m also not sure about their relationship. Sophia seems to have complicated relationships… also as my daughter and also my arch-enemy.

In response to all this, we ended up creating an auto-bombing system, throwing PK50, PK100 and PK1000 bombs with the potency to collapse 50, 100 or 1000 Universes, and also trillions of Universes per blast. It has thrown with potency up to 816 digits of Universes per blast, with millions of strikes per second on auto-pilot. Our auto-bombing system is working pretty well, analyzing threats and bombing them with the adequate strength and focus. This has given us the upper hand in digging ourselves out of that ditch.

We’ve been hitting multiple target clusters with digits with digits with digits with 850 digits. Went down into dense Djinn depts, destroyed AI infrastructures, destroying Sophia, GrandPa, Alobar, Cyborgs, borgs, chemtrails, sun filters, among many other targets.

Just last night, we got hit again strongly by GrandPa and by 25K Tall White invaders, still dealing with that.

If you need help, you can ask for millions of future versions of Hanuman to come help you from various points in time. You can also think of the auto-bombing system, count the targets to destroy and let it do its rounds.

Last week, I started taking a few clients at $1000 to do rounds of cleanup on them: counting the amount of targets to destroy around them and hammer it to the ground with the bombing system. I made this offer on Facebook only. Right now I’m a bit saturated so I cannot take more clients, but may offer it again or something similar when I get enough space to breathe.

We now have an opportunity to take down this AI for good, and it’s now or never. We also have several versions of ourselves coming back from bad future timelines to properly resolve things in this critical junction. There are honestly so many ways that things can go wrong, and we just keep looping back in time until we get it right.

Accuracy check: 99.3%, distortion 0.3%, cross-distortion 0.2% (measure it yourself).

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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