It has been a super busy and hectic month. Me and my team have been hitting some of biggest targets out there, including many Pleiadian groups, Metatron, Sophia, Satan and others.

Ever since we started asking questions about the Pleiadians, waves of attacks have been coming in non-stop. We wiped out the Dark Acturians that are masters of timeline manipulations. Anyone of high ranks gets cloned whenever something happens to them. We wiped out all the cloning centers and timeline control centers. We wiped out the remaining Shapeshifters. We wiped out the Red Pleiadians who work with those Shapeshifters, who are also body-snatchers like the Shapeshifters. We also wiped out the “Makka” group, and many other groups.

They were also sending non-stop waves of mercenaries, so we had to wipe out many cosmic mercenary houses, with high-dimensional snipers shooting non-stop at every corner. We wiped out 80% of all inter-galactic mercenaries, some of the others can work with us to survive.

The Pleiadians also kept pouring in with their armies. Their weak point is the human juice immortality elixir. I made it ineffective. 97% of Pleiadians rely on the human juice to artificially extend their lives, and 100% of their army. Their whole army dropped dead.

We then proceeded to go after the big boss Metatron. It has been a heck of a battle, but we killed him and removed all his contracts on the Multiverse. Crazy attacks have been pouring in. We killed all of his minions.

As for Sophia, darkness kept pouring in through my daughter non-stop. I got authorized for a change of approach. We gave plenty of chances to Pistis Sophia. The only reason we treated her differently than Thoth is because my daughter is Sophia, but on the grand scheme of things, that’s not a sufficient reason. Trying to remove only the dark parts has proven ineffective, and there really is nothing left to salvage of her soul. I proceeded for a full 100% delete of Pistis Sophia.

I’ve been traveling to Mexico City for the week. Sophia had 95% control of the city and Satan 98% control. They’re now both dead. Since Satan is a fragment of my soul, there still remains other fragments, but very major and nasty fragments are now gone. It was having a huge feast for the Mexican Day of the Dead, which is a Satanic soul collection ritual. Mexico went from the #3 dark force anchor city in the planet to #85.

Then, above Sophia, we came upon Grand Pa Santa Claus who caused us very major problems and nearly took down some of our team members. That explains why I never really liked the “magic of Christmas”. It’s a program to keep people plugged into the Matrix. This Grand Pa is like the Architect of the Matrix, and is responsible for the way Sophia has been.

I then destroyed an AI above him. That AI is part of a larger soul, so I then destroyed that larger soul. I’m getting pretty good at this. That soul represents 14% of everyone, 43% of people in Playa del Carmen, 48% of Chinese people, 50% of churches and cathedrals, 83% of Macca. We never saw him and he’s everywhere!

Then… yesterday I was looking at a Omnivore beast and an Illusionist who are behind 80% of all the problems we’ve been facing. The Illusionist replaced all the demons we took out, including Sophia, with holographic creations. The Illusionist and the Omnivore beast he works for are now both 100% dead. Need to finish repairing the Megaverse torus fields that they had been damaging with their pyramids.

Attacks still kept pouring non-stop. There are more AI grids above. An ancient Mage was attacking us, and both the Mage and Grand Pa kept regenerating. There’s a guy who caused major damage in our Facebook community 2 years ago, Adam Marquis, who is plugged into that very same grid. In fact, Adam Marquis *IS* the AI grid itself, above Grand Pa and the Mage! It’s interesting when we realize that we had been crossing some really top-level players years ago.

So that’s where we’re at right now, working on those upper AI grids and going up the hierarchy.

I’m at the stage where I look for the biggest and baddest pan-galactic demons I can find, wipe them out 100%, then immediately go looking for my next target to kill. It has really become my specialty.

Let’s do a status check on the work so far. Satan is below Metatron who is below Thoth who is below Sophia who is below Grand Pa who is below AIs.

– Satan: 100% dead in 100% of timelines but other fragments remain
– Metatron: 87% dead in 65% of timelines
– Thoth: 99.8% dead in 97% of timelines
– Sophia: 100% dead in 100% of timelines
– Grand Pa: 100% dead in 100% of timelines
– AI creator: 100% dead in 100% of timelines
– Illusionist: 98.6% dead in 74.6% of timelines (still regenerating)
– Omnivore beast: 99.7% dead in 74.6% of timelines (still regenerating)
– Holographic creations: 97.6% gone in 89.7% of timelines
– Adam Marquis: 75.4% dead in 74.6% of timelines (still regenerating)
– Upper AI grid level 1: 100% neutralized in 74.6% of timelines
– Upper AI grid level 2: 25% neutralized in 74.6% of timelines
– Upper AI grid level 3: 0% neutralized

It has been a busy week.

As for the Pleiadians, I don’t think that they will survive as a species. 85.7% of all Pleiadians are already dead. 97.2% of them rely on the human juice immortality elixir to extend their lives artifially. Their normal lifespan is about 1460 years.

Their “young” population below 1000-year-old is only 1.6%. They lost their ability to reproduce naturally. It was taken away from them by the AIs.

They are not real immortals. When they were less developed than us, the AIs came to them and offered them power and evolution which they embraced. 95% of their psychic abilities come from those AIs, thus they now lost 95% of their psychic abilities. Without their physical body, their soul fragments and falls back into the reincarnation wheel.

All those Pleiadian-controlled high-dimensional councils and high tribunals were thus created by those AIs. High councils and high-tribunals have been 80% destroyed. A big cleansing and restructuration is much needed. Instead of cleansing their ranks and corruption, they chose to keep attacking our team.

With 97% mortality rate within 3 months, no ability for natural reproduction, the lost of 95% of their psychic abilities, it will be very difficult for their race to survive. Do any of them still possess the ability to reproduce naturally? Perhaps a few native tribes, and a few people here and there. I see their population dropping to 1% in 100 years, 0.5% in 500 years, and then stabilizing from there. In 800 years, it will be either 0.3% or 0.6% of their current population, with possible extinction.

Meanwhile, got to finish the job with those upper AI grids. Hopefully things will be calming down soon!

Overall, we’re now a credible threat. Which means that everyone is after us. We need to build an army of allies.

Here’s the list of main dark forces anchor cities in the world.

#1: Sydney, Australia
#2: Oslo, Norway (it just dropped to #16)
#3: Mexico City, Mexico (it just dropped to #85)
#4: Buenos Aires, Argentina
#5: Bogota, Columbia
#6: Beijin, China
#7: Santiago, Chili
#8: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
#9: Niamey, Niger
#10: Bamako, Mali
#11: Kano, Nigeria
#12: London, England

We’re starting to enter the only eclipse of 2022: full lunar eclipse on November 7-8 over the Pacific. This will be a really good time to hit the Australia-Pacific area! If we can cleanse those 12 top stronghold cities, the situation on Earth will become a lot better.

Accuracy check: 99.7%, distortion 0.2%, cross-distortion 0.1% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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