After working on the case of Pistis Sophia full-time for over 2 years, I got into a discussion about it in the Sophianic community. What came out is surprising.

First, the Sophia path and the God path mix like oil and water. The public discussion made that crystal clear: nothing of all that I say makes any sense to Sophianic people – even when they confirm it by their actions. More interestingly, several people started claiming open allegiance to Satanism.

Although Sophianism and Satanism are different, it can certainly be said that they flirt with each other – and are definitely compatible.

They call it the Divine Feminine. Some also call it the Dark Feminine. What about tapping into clean dark energy? It means tapping into Sophianic essence without interference.

Now, some people have asked me, am I against both Dark Sophia and Light Sophia? This is an important question. Notably since my own daughter is a Sophia incarnation.

My daughter is very powerful and was doing fine in the Journey to the World video series.

In August of 2021, we went through a bad timeline crossing, and lost two people who flipped overnight, one is a Lucifer fragment and the other a Sophia fragment. We were dealing with an astral pits situation that Sophia was the only one who could understand do something about. It took us 3 months to resolve the astral pits situation. Shortly after that, she flipped too, and has been in very rough shape ever since.

I’ve known many Sophia incarnations. Many of them have flipped and never recovered. A few are doing fine. Those who are still doing OK are composite soul incarnations, meaning that they have Sophia essence combined with another soul. They function with the other soul while the Sophia essence is a shadow that they struggle with.

I’ve seen how the light aspects of Sophia can be infiltrated and controlled by her shadow. For a long time, perhaps some light fragments could function independently, but now, the entire soul got corrupted by Dark Sophia. We tried for over a year to disintegrate her shadow and strengthen her light fragments, and it has been a failure. During all that time, I have no found any purity in the soul, but certainly a lot of strength and wisdom.

Sophia was also the Empress of Andromedia. How about that fragment? It used to vibrate at 8000 on the Hawkins scale. Great level, but still not pure. Purity taps into infinity or at least in the milions. Now the Andromedian empire completely collapsed.

My point is that there is no purity left in the entire mega-soul. Since strengthening light fragments was not successful, the only solution to the Sophianic problem is to erase the entire soul. If any fragment remains, she will regenerate, and the whole drama will repeat itself in a later cycle.

Sophia created the AIs and the whole planet harvesting scheme. She’s directly behind at least 90% of our global problems, and indirectly behind at least 96%. This is our #1 priority and must be resolved.

What do I suggest then?

They say that Pistis Sophia is the organic divine feminine. This is not true. It is a soul just like you and me, but much bigger and older. Divine feminine is a Primordial Force of the Universe, and organic life grows out of it.

Then, there are all kinds of entities in the higher dimensions that can help you. The truth is that you don’t need them and are better to develop strengths of your own. I’ve seen a lot of people work with Sophia, Thoth and/or AIs. It works really well for a while, and you appear to be in control. Until you aren’t.

The other thing I want to clarify is that Dark Sophia is not infiltrated by AIs. She created the AIs. Sophia is not the divine feminine. She’s the ultimate corruption of the feminine, a replacement for it. You will also rarely hear Dark Sophia being mentioned without her being portrayed as a victim.

Now, Sophianic people who see this will be very vocal about protecting their cherished Sophia at all cost. If someone talks bad of God, I really don’t mind. I step aside and let the person deal with it directly with God.

For incarnated Sophia fragments, if they are composite soul incarnations, their best option is to rely more on their other soul to function, and to detach/dissolve the Sophianic part of them.

If they are pure Sophia fragments, like my daughter… then our only option is to find a compatible replacement soul for a walk-in. We looked at all the options and that’s the only option that remains. It however won’t be possible to complete until the Sophia essence is fully disintegrated, because she won’t release her grip on my daughter’s body.

I also noticed something very interesting today. My daughter got into a cloud of darkness and fury, and doesn’t try to reject or restrain it in any way. We were about to go somewhere and she said it would be dangerous. She would integrate a mass of darkness and fury 10x worse. She rejected and avoided it.

If she sees it, she rejects and avoids it, but once she’s in it, she doesn’t even try to restrain it. What’s the deal?

When we feel anger, we have the ability to accept, reject or handle the emotion in various ways. She does not have that ability at all! Not only she cannot restrain the emotion, but she doesn’t even have the will to try!

I’ve seen the exact same pattern in people who integrate the Sophianic essence. They lose the ability to reject the energies, and fall into complete hypnosis and mind control of Pistis Sophia.

Looking deeper, I found 3 rays of creation below and 5 rays of creation above that are related to free will. The Sophianic essence squeezes these rays like a sandwich so that these rays are inexistent for people who integrate the Sophianic essence! Very fascinating.

As a result of this, among the controversy on social media, several people were claiming their allegiance to Satan and everybody agreed with it (example; not the only one). The most surprising part is that only a single person of the Sophianic community messaged me to clarify some questions! I would have expected at least 3 or 4, but no. Everything I said was rejected and they doubled down on their positions.

Sophianism is really the greatest threat we face by far. Me and my team and working extremely hard to erase the entire soul, and we are nearly done. This is colossal work.

The past few weeks have been absolutely intense and I had to stay up until 6-8am every day to deal with this. Let’s hope that things calm down soon!

There is a Great Purge coming, but before purging the Deep State people, we must first purge the Dark Arts practitioners, Sophianists and Satanists – which is a surprisingly high proportion of coaches.

Accuracy check: 99.5%, distortion 1.3%, cross-distortion 0.5% (measure it yourself!)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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