The past few days have been absolutely brutal! Actually, the whole month. So what the heck has been going on? Will update you on that.

First, it looks like we finally succeeded in killing Lucifer in a few timelines: 0.54% health. Remains to kill him across all other timelines!!

So, a few weeks ago, we were 3 days from a check-mate by Xavier AI (Elon Musk). We lost all our allies. The Orion Federation got turned into borgs. All the AIs that came to our side, and all the infrastructure we gained, are gone. Allen got cornered. The Hordes got decimated. Almost all the heart-based planets we were protecting got harvested. The only thing left standing were us 3, with 3 days left. That takes a toll on the morale.

The only solution was go back in time and destroy Xavier at its point of conception. The operation was a success. It created new timelines with life still in it. Refreshing! Remains the challenge of connecting with those distant timelines that have nothing in common with ours, separated by dark forces getting in the way.

We got out of the corner, and it turns out that Xavier was just a tiny ant compared to much greater forces. Nevertheless, we’re seeing improvement in our reality, cyborganization has greatly weakened, people in the street have more life than before. The new timelines are more organic dark forces and less artificial intelligence. Many elements of reality changed, including many of our opponents.

We did a big random shuffle, and we’re in entirely new territory. The day those changes merged into our reality, Hamas threw 5000 rockets into Israel.

As we got into major timeline collisions and collapses, we had to evacuate our Universe. Only 2 planets survived in our Universe: Earth, and a Orion-Sirius hybrid planet, both in critical health. We teleported our solar solar into a portable Universe, and immediately, the rest of the Universe crumbled.

You know, there was this weird group in the Inner Earth, some said they came from the future. They then withdrew into a bubble outside of time and space. Well… we’re now one of those weird time-traveler portable civilizations.

From there, battle has been raging on, with ever-increasing intensity. No matter how much we defeat them, there’s always an infinity more behind it. The Luciferian witches, and particularly the Romanian witches covenant, have been causing very major problems and put some people in life-threatening situations. And boy, they are really powerful. Goes all the way up into the Luciferian order.

The only solution is to finish with Lucifer, Baphomet and Pistis. Lucifer is that the top of everything; Baphomet is an endless reservoir of loosh and blood. Whenever we find more infinite pockets of Pistis Sophia, it’s an indication that there’s an even bigger pocket of Lucifer even higher up.

They’re placing infinite God overlays to block and distort our connection to Source.

This life harvesting scheme has been going on for an eternity of eternities and grew into proportions beyond anything imaginable.

Meanwhile, I’m spamming new timelines and spamming teaching our techniques to as many people as possible throughout time and space. Spamming new armies of allies.

Yesterday they tried many tricks on me, with little success. Lucifer also messaged me directly through various people at once. He knows his end is near. He’s afraid.

It looks like we finally managed to kill Lucifer in a few timelines: 0.54% health. Remains to kill him across all other timelines!

The way I track our real progress is by tracking the hardship levels of society. It was in the millions % for many years to come, and I’ve been working my *ss off to hammer that down into reasonable levels!! Looks like we finally succeeded.

Average hardship for USA 14% heart grid
Now: 93 %
1 week: 95 %
1 months: 115 %
6 months: 125 %
1 year: 143 %
1.5 years: 145%
2 years: 204%
2.5 years: 205%
3 years: 415%
3.5 years: 416%
4 years: 214%
4.5 years: 115%
5 years: 86%
5.5 years: 84.1%
6 years: 82.3%

Average hardship for USA other 86%
Now: 69 %
1 week: 73 %
1 months: 79 %
6 months: 96 %
1 year: 510 %
1.5 years: 514%
2 years: 718%
2.5 years: 815%
3 years: 914%
3.5 years: 1045%
4 years: 1046%
4.5 years: 347%
5 years: 511%
5.5 years: 312%
6 years: 612%
7 years: 517%
8 years: 514%
9 years: 314%
10 years: 312%

Now these are finally numbers I can live with!

We can expect real chaos to unfold in the USA in about 6 months, and in Canada in about 3 years. I haven’t checked Europe and other countries.

Also, some fake gurus started to brutally fracture and snap. Let’s see what happens in the industry!

About the forestry project, I got updates that the government of Canada gave back the lands to the natives who do not issue any forestry permits anymore, and as a consequence, half of forestry in Canada is shut down!! Half of forestry does not just get shut down by accident, this is done by purpose. This is a huge industry, this will have major major major economic consequences throughout Canada. This is a slow-motion bomb. This is not the time to launch the forestry project I was planning. Way too much chaos and unpredictable factor, we cannot make ourselves responsible for investment money under such circumstances. We’ll have to wait for after the storm.

So, Plan A: the personal growth industry is in an apocalyptic state that cannot possibly sustain me. Plan B: the forestry industry and economic environment is about to go through major hardship and restructuration, cannot do that now.

This brings me to Plan C: getting a job, 13 years after leaving my last job. With 20+ years of experience as a .NET Senior Analyst Programmer & System Architect, I can easily get a $100K+ per year salary, and after the pandemic, remote jobs have apparently become an option. It looks like this will be my best option for the next 3 years as we go through that storm.

If I go down that route, my hardship levels would look like that, which gets very reasonable!

Etienne hardship
Now: 13K %
1 week: 11K %
1 months: 5.5K %
2 months: 4.2K %
3 months: 315 %
6 months: 57 %
1 year: 55 %
2 years: 53 %
3 years: 51 %
4 years: 50 %
5 years: 47 %

There are mainly 3 types of hardships: economic, health and energetic. Economic will be the biggest hardship factor, so getting a stable job during that phase may be a very good option. Many will also have sky-high health-related hardship.

First thing first, got to finish Lucifer across all timelines, alongside Baphomet and Pistis!

And one last thing. About the whole idea of the Golden Age, you can’t build Heaven out of Hell. You will not convince 95% of the population that they’re wrong. They will die off and be replaced by a new generation; or two. The Golden Age is for 2 generations down the road, but you can start building your own private Golden Age now. Better start planning accordingly!

Accuracy check… there is major distortion so let’s take the time to clear it up: 99.7%, distortion 11.4%, cross-distortion 11.3% (measure it yourself). I’m unable to clear the remaining 11% distortion, looks like timeline fluctuations and instabilities.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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