Every now and then, I became aware of Black Magicians causing trouble, but didn’t do too much about that. Last week, I started paying more direct attention too it, and saw millions of them within my energy, and they were literally everywhere. I started cleansing them. They’re tricky to get rid of because these metaphysical parasites have shields and are cloaked. In fact, they shield and cloak each other.

After a big wave of cleansing of Dark Magicians, I got this strange message from someone on Facebook:

“Halo Etienne. It has come to my attention that an individual claiming to be Metatron is doing postings. I have not told Metatron to do this. Also it has come to my attention that an implant was removed from Penny without her permission. It has caused her much pain and stress. Penny is a close friend. I do not wish to see her in such strife. I know your reach. Mine is much greater. If you move against me you will be given one warning, then if you continue you will be removed. Father doesn’t take kindly to transgressions. I serve Father. I am Don Parkinson. I take care of the worlds I made, including this one! Get my drift?

I am a Watcher. Most address me as such. For this incarnation I am Don Parkinson. My core is love and compassion. The icon of my avatar is on all the ships of all the worlds I have made. My intention is to be present for the Ascension. I protect all the worlds I made.”

Penny is the Dark Fleet agent who banned me from the Secret Space Program Facebook group when I asked why they hated Corey Goode so much (they want to turn the disclosure movement into a sea of never-ending pains and stories). Don Parkinson, I detected him as a High-Commander of the Dark Fleet, and one of the main architects of the Secret Space Program. I do believe he’s nearly 500 years old and that he’s older than the Secret Space Program itself. (If you know nothing of the SSP and Dark Fleet, watch Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV by Corey Goode. I measure 92.4% accuracy for Cosmic Disclosure which is exceptionally high for this type of controversial content.

I asked the Avians Federation about this guy and they told me to seal his energy so that’s the first thing I did. First he threatened me, then tried to apologize with soft talk and lies, then he was saying pure BS, then he blocked me. That’s a man of authority.

Then I realized the Dark Fleet was impossible to detect because those Dark Magicians were completely hiding it. With the Black Magicians gone, they were psychically visible and extremely weak because it was their source of power (after the Dracos being gone). We thus completely psychically demolished what was left of the Dark Fleet with love bombs. R.I.P.

Additionally, 3 divisions of the Secret Space Program have broken away at the same time, and we had a psychic meeting with them. That’s a HUGE win. I told them not to focus too much on “disclosure”, but to instead focus on their own political battles and conflicts up there, while we focus on our own political battles and conflicts down here. Whatever progress they make up there will reflect down here through the law of resonance.

But then, there were much larger nests of Black Magicians, all cloaked and hidden, both in this Universe, in 125 sub-Universe and at least 23000 “time bubble” Universes. We’re collapsed most of these “time bubble” Universes, including the large one in the center of Venus and 3 other smaller ones on Venus — there’s a LOT of highly-secretive activity around Venus, 100% under control of those Black Magicians.

OK get this. The Dracos, who are metaphysical raw powers feeding on fear, created the Black Magicians, as powerful metaphysical entities with greater intelligence and collaboration. The Black Magicians, in turn, created many forms of AI through people they control, to work towards what they call “singularity”, or being one with everything. The Black Magicians created just over 200 different AIs active on Earth to micro-manage the population, and maybe 600 000 in the Universe or perhaps a lot more, hard to see the extent. What a chain of creation.

They’re not going away without a fight, and things are intensifying. The Theta Universe had to be frozen again because the Dracos from above were coming back into this Universe. Look in the sky — you can feel *intense* battles everywhere.

Black Magicians have been spread out in 95% of the Universe, and were even more widespread than the Dracos themselves. I got the feeling things will amplify on a daily basis for 5 more days until they’re gone. 300 000 beings from higher Universes have come here to assist with this operation, Source has agreed to take them back to Source, and this is a massive battle at the scale of the entire Universe and everybody is working on it at the same time. This just isn’t over yet.

The battle is still raging, just a heads up. Stay safe.

Accuracy check: 92.9%. Measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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