The clearing of Black Magicians is 99.9998% completed throughout the Universe and sub-Universes. There are just a few Black Magicians and a few Archons left roaming, dealt with as they are found. Meanwhile, mental insanity here on Earth tripled.

Main factors holding back ascension at this point:
– Denial, and people willing to fight to preserve their illusions to the grave: 62.4%
– Lack of cohesive spiritual leadership: 25.4%
– Cabal / Deep State / SSP: 12.5%
– Lack of proper education: 1.4%
(Total 101.7%: there can be overlap)

Something I want to clarify. When talking about our current spiritual leadership, some people thought I was saying these “so called spiritual teachers are really 3D business masters”. That’s not what I meant. I only care about mentioning people who are actually relevant in the game. Call those the “less irrelevant crowd”.

Right as we were doing the clearing on the Black Magicians, extremely positive and major events have been reported in regards to taking down the Cabal. Read all the details here.

Yet at the same time, a lot of people have been experiencing massive energetic attacks. Something I want to correct on Jim’s report. They didn’t just decide to attack the population. They counter-attacked as their survival was threatened. We striked first and continue until extinction — nearly done as of writing this.

But the point is that a lot of people have been really struggling energetically. That’s exactly what I help people with. And there’s something I want to clarify. Getting a Soul Alignment Reading is great… if you’re already doing a project and stepping into your purpose, and wish to step into greater alignment. Doing one-shot distance healing, however, can only do so much in the current context of continual chaos. If you are NOT currently leading a project or living a version of your soul purpose, and experience energetic challenges, then what I do 100% recommend are Crystals Activations to amplify the power of your healing crystals by 100-1000x. This will essentially build an energy grid of light around you, stabilize your environment, and clear/align your own energy on a continual basis. That’s the easiest, most effective and most affordable way I can help you navigate the chaotic energies. Crystals Activation. Of course I also provide private coaching, and that’s a whole other ball-game and most aren’t ready for this.

Next I want to talk about BitCoins. There are rumors of BitCoins being written by an AI robot, and that farming crypto-currencies is building an AI infrastructure. I would say this is correct. This AI however has a vibration of 500, way higher than the population, so I’m not concerned about that. They came back from a future timeline where men and robots destroyed the planet using nuclear bombs, to rewrite a better timeline, and determined that inserting BitCoins into our society would be the best way to alleviate fears of AI and to help humans accept machines. Those who embrace technology would then become rich. I do think that crypto-currencies will replace all other currencies within 50 years, simply because there are no longer any international financial agreements in place and there’s nothing else than crypto-currencies on the horizon to replace it. And at the same time, 90% of crypto-currencies will drop to 0. None of this worries me.

Also, the central banks are currently inflating the value of BitCoins and are planning to crash it afterwards, to scare people from BitCoins so they won’t want to touch it ever again. The Chinese government, in particular, is trying to nuke crypto-currencies with everything they got. What’s unfortunate is that the majority of the population is jumping into crypto-currencies at the peak (fear of missing out) and will sell during the crash (plain fear). They’re reacting to whatever is dangling in their face. This just proves why the rich keeps getting richer and poor keeps getting poorer. The future is only probabilities but probabilities of crypto-currencies are somewhat easy to predict because there’s a lot of emotional charges attached to it. BitCoins is currently at $11790. I don’t expect it to go much higher for now, and I expect it to crash within 2-3 months down to ~$3000. It will recover within 2 months and should be around ~$15-23k by next year, $30-40k in 2 years, $130-150k in 5 years. There’s a lot of money to be made — or lost — in crypto-currencies. Don’t buy now, but if you see it crash, you may want to invest (at your own risk). There are a few milestone events I’m watching down the road.

Next, let’s look at timeline probabilities.

– Chances of EMP hitting USA: 85.7% (it went down!? I think that’s due to the total clearing of Black Magicians. Accuracy check on that: 100%)
– Chances of economic crash in the USA: 82.4% (surprising it’s also so low)

Chances of EMP hitting USA within…
– 1 month: 0%
– 2 months: 15.2%
– 3 months: 15.7%
– 4 months: 18.2%
– 5 months: 21.3%
– 6 months: 23.4%
– 7 months: 24.2%
– 8 months: 24.5%
– 9 months: 25.2%
– 10 months: 26.2%
– 11 months: 27.2%
– 1 year: 28.2%
– 2 years: 34.2%
– 3 years: 48.2%
– 4 years: 84.2%
Accuracy check: 99.7%
Looks like that still won’t happen for a while.

Chances of USA economic collapse within…
– 1 year: 0%
– 2 years: 12.4%
– 3 years: 24.6%
– 4 years: 82.3%

If these events happen, it will be towards the end of the 4-year “Anti-Christ” cycle talked about in the Bible.

It is absolutely fascinating that no major destructive event has taken place yet. I think the reason is that whenever such a destructive event happens, there are groups time-traveling back to change history, and we’re thus navigating a mine field where you can “reload game” every time you touch a mine. In fact, I’ve met several people who time-traveled back, and not all came from the same timeline. Accuracy check on that: 90.5%

How many destructive events did we avoid in such a way? 66 (6 passed already, 60 more coming)
How many severe destructions did we avoid? 12 (4 passed already, 8 more coming)
How many groups time-traveled back? 66.

Again, the best way I can support you right now is with Crystals Activations. I’m also going through a rebranding and restructing of the business, but that will take some more time. There’s also a new Force of Life Series I’m working on. My productivity on the business hasn’t been high at all for the past 9 months, hopefully this will improve soon.

As I said, we may lose half of “energy workers” in the USA during this global transition. Here’s what it is going to look like. % of “energy workers” in the USA who will die within
– 1 year: 2.1%
– 2 years: 2.3%
– 3 years: 4.2-4.4%
– 4 years: 8.1-8.3%
– 5 years: 9.2%
– 6 years: 10.3%
– 7 years: 11.6%
– 8 years: 12.3%
– 9 years: 13.8%
– 10 years: 14.2%
– 11 years: 15.3%
– 12 years: 16.4%
– 13 years: 17.2%
– 14 years: 18.4%
– 15 years: 19.6%
– 16 years: 21.4%
– 17 years: 24.8%
– 18 years: 31.6%
– 19 years: 42.4%
– 20 years: 49.2%
– 25 years: 49.2%
– 30 years: 49.2% (actually going down because new energy workers are rising up)

This includes the continual increase of energy workers in the field. 80.3% probability to be within +/- 2%.

We can see 2 deadly waves, one in 4 years, and one in 18 years.

Finally, I’m currently polishing my energy field like a crystal ball, and the vibration is fluctuating between 23000 and 85000 on the Hawkins Scale because of tensions and clashes. Someone thought that the Hawkins Scale and Charland Scale were different in that the Hawkins Scale measures personal energies and Charland Scale measures impersonal energies, but if I measure my energy field looking at the personal field only, it is more 23 million, so it’s not that.

One of the main challenges is that a lot of people “don’t want me to raise above them”. I’m talking about 1.6 million people. 5% comes from people seeking money and prestrige, 95% comes from “inner warriors” who fight for *their* truth. Tensions from the Cabal were 3.6% and they stepped aside when I pointed it out to them, so it’s now 0%. This should stabilize soon enough (I already got plenty of advice on this from people who have no clue what I’m talking about).

I’m also growing tired of giving free advice and knowledge to everybody who asks without getting anything in return. I’ll have to think of how to either break or filter out “freebie seekers”; but that will be part of the rebranding process I’m going through. It needs to be done carefully and by design.

Accuracy check on whole article: 92.9%

Why do I write these accuracy checks? It’s not to say “here’s my truth so take it”, and I always encourage people to measure it themselves. There are 3 main reasons.
1. As a reminder for you to measure the accuracy yourself using muscle testing .
2. So you are aware of any inaccuracies that slipped through and know how to interpret it.
3. To validate for myself to rise the bar of accuracy. In the middle of all the misinformation and disinformation online, I believe 90%+ accuracy is extremely important; 40-50% is the average on good websites.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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