I’m slowly rebirthing from the ashes, stronger than ever. The various groups are finally starting to learn to take their distance — because they’re completely disintegrating from the 80th Dimension. I’m expecting a few more waves of attacks but they’ll run out of fuel pretty soon.

Meanwhile, I’m sensing 75 people who stepped up to take my previous roles, and many more in the year to come. I asked myself: what do these people need now? What would help them step up to the roles needed of them?

Inspiration then came a few days ago: removing the influence of social engineering. Social engineering is everywhere around you, in your daily life, and takes 90% of Lightworkers right out of the game of ascension.

So, I’m going to produce a new program called: Disarm Social Engineering. Already, I’ve been seeing a lot of interest from clients on Facebook.

I’m still in early design stage of designing the program, and you will get more details about it soon. I want to keep it at a low $97 price point, with a video program that is easy to follow and digest. 7 modules of 3 videos each.

By going through those simple videos, it will greatly strengthen your character and seal energy leaks so that you can stay focused on your own path.

Here’s the program structure that I have designed so far.

Module 1. Social Engineering 101: See Where It Affects You
– History Repeats Itself: Understand the Past to See the Truth
– It’s Everywhere: Lift the Veils to See the Truth
– New World Order: Know Who Is Who

Module 2. Alpha Relational Dynamics: Neutralize Negative Influences to Control Your Reality
– A.R.D.: Shield Yourself from Negative Influences
– The Strongest Reality Wins: Strengthen Your Reality
– 1000 Types of Bullets: View Them from a Higher Perspective

Module 3. Disarm Control of Information: Clear Illusions to Find the Truth
– Control of Institutions: Review Commonly Accepted Beliefs and Counter-Beliefs
– Control of Media: Learn to Read Between the Lines
– Control of Alternative Information: Don’t Fall into Engineered Reaction

Module 4. Disarm Control of Environment: Think Outside the Matrix
– Infiltration of Communities: Don’t Follow the Crowds
– Infiltration of Organizations: Think Outside the Matrix
– Control of Public Figures: Beware of Role Models

Module 5. Disarm Control of Focus: Your Thoughts Matter
– Focus on What Matters
– Don’t Be Distracted
– Solve Problems from a Higher Consciousness

Module 6. Disarm Psychic Control: Free Your Psyche
– The Psychic World: See the Threats
– Methods of Psychic Attacks Exposed
– Avoid those Psychic Traps

Module 7. Disarm Emotional Control: Keep Your Center
– Emotional Irritation: Deflect the Stress
– Emotional Manipulation: Don’t Fall for It
– Highjacking of Social Movements: Keep the Integrity of Intent
– Get Out of Fears to Thrive

Once I have the program structure and sales page ready, I will open up for enrollment for a short window of time. Those who sign up right away will get each module as they are produced and ready. Then, once everything will be completed, I will add it to the website so that others can also get it.

Let me know if this is something that interests you!

I do want your feedback: what frustrations do you have around the theme of social engineering and how it affects your life? Post it in the comments below or message me with your feedback.

More updates coming soon! (and finally I can start getting something done since arriving to Mexico… so they’ll launch another wave to make sure I can’t work, but each wave gets easier and easier to handle)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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