I’ve been meditating on what is most blocking the spiritual communities, and what is causing what I teach to mix like oil and water with the spiritual communities. 5 walls came up during my meditation.

First is the Sacred Wall. When you view something as being sacred, it is an attachment to a strong value that blocks you from valuing other dimensions of life. An example of this is when I purchased a high-quality Tibetan Healing Bowl hand-forged by Tibetan monks, I made the joke of using it to prepare salad and the guy got really offended because this is sacred. Truth it, the monks are using those bowls to carry their food! That’s what they use instead of plates. You could call this the sacred layer of BS that covers the purity of life.

The verb ‘value’ is something positive. The noun ‘value’ is something negative. Unconditional love is about accepting, embracing and valuing all aspects and all dimensions of life without conditions. It means to value (verb) anything and everything, sometimes with priorities based on your soul’s path. A value (noun) is an attachment to a valuation that blinds you from other perspectives of life. A value always comes from the false ego. Anything sacred is a value as a noun. One of the keys to heaven is to transmute your values (noun) into valuing (verbs) and to let go of attachments along the way.

Second is the wall of sexuality. Spirituality has been seen for a very long time as a path to transcend the illusion of your physical life, and transcending sexuality along the way. But why would you incarnate into a physical body if you just want to escape from it? You came onto this planet because you want to experience the richness of life and live your physical life fully, and that includes exploring your sexuality in-depth. The whole path of transcendental spirituality is based on avoiding pain. The path of exploring your sexual nature requires you to embrace where your soul is actually leading you. 90% of the population is pain-driven or lust-driven. Only 10% are soul-driven.

Third is the wall of stillness/numbness. The sole purpose of spirituality is generally seen as being centered and still, being one with love. Translated into real-life, this more often than not means becoming numb to your pains. This leads to disconnecting from your body, disconnecting from your pains and disconnecting from the physical world to live in an illusion of bliss that really is nothing more than toning down the pains and leaving them under the carpet.

Forth is the wall of desires. Eastern philosophies for a very long time have been teaching (or mistranslating) that desires are the source of all suffering, and that happiness lies in letting go of your desires. Attachments are the source of all suffering, not desires, and that includes attachments to desires. What’s confusing about desires is that it can represent two completely separate concepts that have never been properly distinguished by spiritual teachers throughout history. The origin of the word ‘desire’ comes from the Latin ‘de sidere’ which means ‘from the stars’ or ‘from the divine’. A positive desire is a thought from the divine seeking physical manifestation through you. Desires are the expression of your soul. Negative desires, or cravings, on the other hand, come from a dysfunctional place within you, generally from attachments to something. These cravings are what you want to leg go of. Positive desires are to surrender into.

Fifth is the wall of being nice. Being spiritual is generally being seen as always being nice and loving towards others. Where this causes problems is when you need to set boundaries or speak truths that may be uncomfortable for others. The nice wall is generally hiding weaknesses and that’s why women aren’t attracted to ‘nice guys’. Not because they’re nice, but because they are scared to stand in their truth and they have no spine. When you truly stand in your power, you can boldly set your foot down when you need to set a boundary, you can lovingly say no to someone, you can lovingly cut someone out of your life and you can truly start loving and caring for others from a place of strength. You then have the strength to not let any negativity affect your reality so that you can shine your love even stronger.

After going through all of what the spiritual communities have to offer, with healers charging anywhere from free to trading to $150 per hour, you’ll still be severely limited by some or all of these 5 walls. Once you transcend the sacred wall, the wall of sexuality, the wall of stillness/numbness, the wall of desires and the wall of being nice, you’ll barely start scratching the tip of the iceberg. 99.9% of the spiritual strength lies beyond that, and it is still mostly unexplored at this point in history. What’s also interesting is that when you step beyond these 5 walls, other people will start judging you through the lens of these 5 walls and will start telling you “you have to be humble/nice”, “you can’t charge for this stuff”, “you can’t do this because it’s sacred” or they will simply start avoiding you. That’s where you have to learn the lesson of standing in your truth no matter what.

Edit: I’ve just seen this ultra funny video that falls right in-line with what I’m talking about here, and that exposes the BS of the spiritual communities

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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