I can’t believe how stupid some people are. According to latest polls, 59% of Americans are against an intervention in Syria, leaving 41% of the population who are not against it. 41% of the population is a whole lot of people who are not thinking at all! First we’ll look at the facts of what’s going on, then look at why many people chose not to think on their own, and then I’ll talk about some of the other stuff going on these days.

What shocks me is that US officials and media completely bypassed logic or proofs and simply presented pre-made conclusions and some people now actually buy into it. What proofs are there that the Syrian government attacked its civilians with chemical weapons? None whatsoever, and looking at the situation, it really doesn’t make any logical sense either. The US government never presented any proofs of it either. They released official documents of “proofs” that contained nothing more than pre-made conclusions and official statements without actually including facts or proofs. After losing the vote of war in the UK, they are taking a step back to do a better propaganda campaign. Their plan of propaganda is to completely bypass logic and get enough authorities or countries to approve the conclusions. If they are so eager to rush into a war with Syria, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have orchestrated the chemical attack in the first place.

The secret to the law of attraction is not about what you think, it’s about HOW you think. Apparently, many people don’t think at all. They really should teach how to think at school. They may know how to record information and play it back on loop, but they certainly are not thinking. Why does 41% of the population accept pre-made conclusions without using their thinking faculties? Let’s explore 3 reasons.

First, many people have not developed their free will muscle. They are plugged to the collective consciousness via many energetic implants and are running their lives on auto-pilot. They also don’t believe their mind has any power, or that they can change anything about what’s going on in the world. The only reason these authorities can perpetuate that reality of fear and control is because they can get the population to buy into that reality. Each individual is then creating that reality for himself.

Second, there are again value conflicts. They value order, authorities, harmony and being taken care of. They also value truth and freedom. There is a HUGE gap in-between the truth of authorities and the truth of freedom that goes down a rabbit hole, and many people are not ready to face that value conflict. It would change everything about how they perceive the world. Many refrain from going there with their minds.

Third, many still use mainstream media as their only source of information, so they really have no clue about the facts. This incident with Syria really showed to what extent media are being controlled. In Canada, we have Radio-Canada which is generally a very good source of information and they do good investigations on various topics. For Syria, however, they refrained from doing any analysis and put pre-made conclusions as big headlines, proving that they really are being controlled by American authorities. Someone reported that in France, it was the same thing with the media presenting a one-sided view without ever going into the facts. However, nobody forces you to watch TV. There are several good sources of news on the internet, each with their pros and cons. Divine Cosmos is by far my favorite source of information when it comes to the evolution of consciousness and what’s going on in the world on a macro level, as he explores the most controversial topics and backs everything with scientific researches. He’s very consistent in the quality and accuracy of his information and brings everything from a positive light while showing a bigger picture. Then, The Real News also brings lots of coverage of events beyond what you see in mainstream media, although they don’t cover anything related to consciousness and often have an “accusatory” perspective instead of understanding the root of what’s really going on. My favorite source of news is RT News, which is Russia’s equivalent of New-York Times. They have high quality journalism and are the most accurate and non-censured in the world’s affairs.

Looking at what else has been going on lately could help explain why they want to rush into a new war. The planetary energy field started boiling starting from August 22nd. I’ve been under heavy energetic attacks and am still working on clearing and re-stabilizing my energy. That same day, David Wilcock posted an update saying that the US Military Alliance is Defeating the Federal Reserve.

I also just got the news yesterday that Hungary, where I am right now, has just left the Federal Reserve central banking system. Searching online, the first news of it started appearing on August 23rd, meaning it’s directly related to the rest of what’s going on. Hungary is an energetic hub, meaning what happens here energetically impacts all other surrounding countries. I now believe the reason for it is that it contains many underground rivers and thermal waters that allow the energies to spread and reach deep into the earth. Hungary is the country with the most hot springs in the world, feeding 70 thermal baths across the country.

Then, I got displayed out of my apartment in Budapest due to an exceptional set of circumstances. The owner has put me into a much bigger and nicer apartment for my last month here. You know it’s time to upgrade when you get displaced into something better against your will.

I haven’t posted much updates lately because the planetary energies have been boiling like crazy and it has been difficult for me to concentrate due to the extreme intensity of the energetic attacks. The planetary consciousness is shifting is a very profound way and it impacts everything and everyone.

Update: Obama is being torn to sheds on Fox News. Hilarious! I’m eager to see what will come out of all this. We’re in the middle of a big transition.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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