I haven’t written in a while because energetic shifts have been absolutely insane, and making tremendous progress on which I will report later. For now, I’ll keep it short.

How can we get our ancient history right if we can’t even get our modern history right?

Someone on Facebook shared some links, which I measured as very high accuracy, but the information is extremely disturbing. I’ll just throw the red pill out there.

According to muscle testing, the Great Wall of China wasn’t built by the Chinese, but by the Tartarians, not a thousand years ago, but around 430 years ago! Test this for accuracy yourself.

Furthermore, something that I found strange is that the monk in Journey to the West, who was accompanied by the Monkey King, lived between the years 602 and 664, while the book was only published in 1592. How did the author recover the flow of events in such details a thousand years later, and how could it become the most popular story of China deeply ingrained into their culture if it came out of nowhere like this so far from the actual events?

Answer is… there is no 1000-year gap. The years 500 to 1500 were fabricated as a foggy myth in around 1850 when the Gregorian calendar was established. Jesus was thus born only 1019 years ago. Now muscle-test this one for accuracy.

Makes me remember the movie The Matrix: you’re not in the year you think you are.

I talked about 2 great destruction in my book The History of the Universe. It seems there has been a 3rd great destruction just about 200 years ago, as a giant mud flood and a series of cataclysmic events. This also muscle-tests as accurate.

During this latest great destruction, the Tartarian Empire, who spread throughout Asia, Europe, North America and even Peru, were completely erased from history. It was a multi-cultural civilization that included giants and high technologies such as free energy. This also muscle-tests as accurate.

This changes absolutely everything, and I’m just barely starting to integrate this one.

This YouTube channel contains GREAT documentaries exposing a lot of information that is extremely perplexing with great details. He does talk of flat earth which is BS but this changes nothing to the essence of everything else he’s saying. If you put flat earth stuff aside, I measure 92% to 98% accuracy on all of his videos.

Start with this video, 98.4% accuracy check.

Staged Centuries Part 1: Fabricated Reality, Invented History, Phantom Time, Historical Manipulation

I’m personally going through all of his videos even if it takes time. One of the reasons it is so difficult to restore the inner building of soul memories is because our soul memories do NOT match the timeline we believe in at all.

Enjoy the slap.

Accuracy check: 100%. Test it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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