As a result of the major recent progress and the closing of bad timelines, we’re getting a major surge of attacks from Shapeshifters. As I said before, the coaching industry was in bad enough shape. Now it’s even worse: several of them now got replaced by shapeshifters.

We got several big waves of attacks from those shapeshifters in the past few days. First wave of 25 million, then a wave of 46 million shapeshifters.

Many people are also starting to become aware of them. They sent 18 huge battleships that got blown up. We also realized that these shapeshifters lay eggs everywhere, including on your back.

In regards to food infection, these shapeshifters energetically infiltrate your food, and when you eat it, you take in the corruption, and when the corruption becomes high enough, they can literally replace you.

I wiped them out about 50% from the planet.

Yesterday, someone also got attacked by black knight mounted archers; first wave of 8K, then another wave of 10K. Things are getting pretty intense!

We’re also starting to see them in their true forms. It may take a while until we defeat them.

On the good side, there has been a lot of updates since yesterday.

I got in contact with a Galactic Federation 10 Universes above us that is very solid and heavily armed. I found them after we got attacked by giant robots that had been stolen from their weaponry. They sent ships to recover them. Afterwards, they surrounded my area with 1000 of those giant robots.

They had now sent 3000 of those robots to help deal with the shapeshifter attacks and with the battleships. They had already lost 136 of those…

Sending more weaponry would require an official Alliance treaty and a written request to the counsel.

We thus signed an Alliance treaty between their Federation and the Orion Federation. I energetically wrote an written request for help and sent it to their counsel, which had to pass through 3 different counsels. Everything got approved.

They thus sent more troops and more advanced weaponry. They are basically launching a full-scale counter-invasion.

Here’s the thing. Even though they are very stable, if we fall, they also fall, so it’s in their best interest to put all their eggs into our basket.

They sent drilling robots that can assist with swapping incarnated souls. We also got new vacuum cleaners to clear out shapeshifter infections.

We also saw that 95% of non-humans on our moon had been replaced by shapeshifters! The moon is a massive shapeshifters stronghold. We cleared that out. It contains a large portal to a pocket dimension with 23 shapeshifter planets and we destroyed them.

There is currently an ongoing assault on a larger shapeshifter stronghold. It’s pretty intense!

The name of the game for now is: seek and destroy.

We got to find their remaining planets and locations and wipe them out.

Also, the shapeshifters now have 100% control of the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate), the human space program with by far the most advanced technologies. They replaced every single person in that program.

We can expect big shifts ahead, and before we finally move on to the next chapter, these are those final waves of attacks to deal with!

We’re still evaluating the damage as to how many more people we lost to those shapeshifters. We already spotted a few great coaches that got taken out. If you listen to someone and something feels off, trust your intuition.

Full-steam ahead!

Update: 95% of Sophia Oracles or 87% of self-called Priestesses have been taken out by shapeshifters! They were masters of opening themselves up to receive Sophia essence. They’re now receiving Shapeshifter essence instead and are getting replaced. This will increase of 98% of “Priestesses”.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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