First, I have to say that Project Varanasi is a HUGE success. We got an army of 15 monks in Varanasi, India, who meditate 5h per day for our group. Here’s a video of them meditating at a frequency above 25 million on the Hawkins scale (it’s a 2m clip on loop). Looking at how intense the summer is going to be, they moved to the sacred city of Prayagraj, at the junction of the 3 sacred rivers, for the summer.

You can still join our group. Contact Maharishi Pandit Shyam Bihari on Facebook or by email at I do not gain any money from this. We currently collect $3300 per month for the 15 monks, which, if you do the math, comes down to $220/month/monk, or $1.4 per hour per monk. We’re the ones who gain from this.

Most people donate $100 or $200 per month. Some donate $50 because that’s all they can, but those who donate $100 get 5x more value from it. One person who donated $50 upgraded to $100 and was immediately hit by a wall of energy 10x stronger. It feels like you’re floating on a boat going down the river, it clears the path for us with very strong healing water energy.

Next — there was a big battle yesterday with Lucifer, who still was infiltrating a lot of people. He’s now dead and his AI infiltrations should now be gone. He was infiltrating through corrupted math codes; being very good with math.

Then, the Sophia transmutation continues, and although it’s progressing slowly, energetic corruption in Canada dropped by 45%! The global Sophia issues that still require a lot of work are: lack of listening, controlling/manipulative, lack of respect, resistance to light-work, fears, addiction to electronics and addiction to addictions. Even these aspects are at about 50% transmuted.

It also seems that the problems of food energetic infections are a lot better now, and people are recovering their nutritional habits. Crystals infections are also 98% resolved, although not fully clear yet. The next step is to recover our quality of life.

Make a list and rank yourself from 0 to 10 on various aspects:
– Being able to eat
– Being able to sleep
– Harmony
– Health
– Vitality
– Work Focus

These will be the homework for the coming months. For myself, I’ve been unable to do physical exercise for 2 years. I started going to the gym once per week; but for a solid 2-3h training. I’m still unable to do exercise at home, I’m still unable to do explosive Qi like martial arts, but I can do an hour of cardio, a good work-out session, and I’m still in good shape after. My cardio is rock-solid. It’s a lot easier at the gym because it’s a physical environment where the physical energy is open, which reduces the pressure on my energetic body.

When it comes to improving nutrition, health and vitality, I highly recommend Isagenix products. Primarily their meal-replacement shakes that contain 23 vitamins and minerals, including minerals that are absent from normal nutrition because our soils are burnt and depleted of many minerals. I haven’t heard anyone who tried these products and who didn’t love them. It’s easy-to-prepare meals that save you time, make it easier to lose weight and gain muscles, and it does greatlty increase your vitality and mind focus. The vibration of their products is between 8000 and 12000, depending on the products.

Here’s how I choose supplements or food. I use muscle-testing and measure “what % good for me” and “what % I need it”. For most people, I measure over 8 million %. Food supplements only include one of the 23 vitamins and minerals, and even clean organic food may not provide such a broad range of nutrients. It’s also not a replacement for whatever you’re already eating. Isagenix products are good to replace 1 meal per day; perhaps sometimes up to 2. You also need solid food.

On another topic, there’s a food crisis coming. It appears it will hit mostly the USA, where prices can raise 3 to 15 times starting in November or December 2022. Things can get pretty rocky for about a year, to the point where we may see a 5% reduction of population due to famine! In Mexico, prices will multiply by 1-3x, and in Canada, 1-4x, so it really seems like an engineered US crisis. Countries south of Ukraine can see food increases by 3-8x.

Will you have provisions ready if things get bad? A pot of IsaLean Shakes contains 15-20 full healthy meals and preserves itself for over a year. That’s not a bad solution at all to keep a few pots in reserve. Much better than opening a can of beans with instant noodles! Good for one meal per day.

I’ve also heard only excellent feedback from their marine collagen products, to make your skin younger and more flexible. A product worth trying.

What I’m saying is — perhaps it’s time to put your health back on track. First set your objectives: weight loss, nutrition, beauty, or something more specific? Then you can explore the Isagenix catalog. I can only recommend these products.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Oh, one more thing! Another free app is coming soon: Yang YouTube Downloader. Yet another downloader? It allows downloading the best audio and video streams (or just audio) without re-encoding to preserve the best quality. For video, sometimes the MP4 stream is better and sometimes the VP9 stream is better. VP9 video is about 20% more efficient, so I select the best stream based on video file sizes. It also allows re-encoding audios with the same features as the 432hz Batch Converter, including pitch-shifting and auto-pitch detection. For Windows, Linux and Mac.

Enough news for now, see ya!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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