There has been so much going on during the holidays, it has been absolutely brutal. First, the funding campaign for Journey to the World is going well, very sluggish but crossed $25800. On the flip-side, NOT A SINGLE TRUTH PLATFORM has helped soften the blows that we’ve been taking during the holidays. Not a single one of them.

The only one who accepted to interview me was Todd on Soulogy; who prefers to not know anything about the person at all until going live to be more in the flow. Todd wasn’t receptive to the message at all, the audience seems to be deep in the Austrich Syndrome (burying their head in the sand), and several agents were highly active in the live chat. The energetic attacks after the interview were absolutely brutal.

I did cover some very strong points about the Red Light vs White Light, among other things, so it’s worthwhile to watch it. However, we couldn’t go at all into the more important and practical topics. A bit too theoretical to my taste. A good interviewer needs some humility to put his own perspective aside for just an hour to explore the other person’s perspective. Unless it’s a psy-op.

Right after, on Christmas Eve, there has been an attempted Earth take-over. I measure 150k deaths in England and Europe, I detect a large energetic crater in Northern England… but still haven’t found any info relating to this (let me know if you see anything that relates!) I was told that staying up all night for Christmas would save 40k humans and… 35 trillion people across the Universe. So we stayed up all night. One thing that happened: 2648 world leaders got taken out and replaced by non-humans. We just realized that Trump got replaced last month, on November 26th. Their failed goal was to replace 15000 and take over Earth (and other planets).

The following few days, all 3 of us had absolutely terrible headache, and then, I just lost 90% of my left eyesight. The financing campaign is doing fine, but we’re definitely feeling the blows. I got 2 broken teeth and 1 lost eye. The day before, I got the message that if people can’t look at reality, then they don’t need their eyes.

The interview was absolutely brutal, but I think it was good. It caused a massive energetic collision right before the Christmas attack and they didn’t see it coming. It thwarted their plans. If I do a 2nd interview, however, I could completely lose my sight, so I won’t do that.

I will recover my sight, and I get the feeling that as I recover my sight, it will drop for other people. The vision dropped by 2.4% worldwide, the Mexican police lost 18-20% of their eyesight, and the Ultraverse demons lost 40-80% of their eyesight.

Last night, I did a long healing meditation on livestream at 3AM because the attacks were relentless. If you’re dealing with these heavy forces, this can help you out! The attacks haven’t stopped the whole day either.

Now, as I work on healing my sight, I feel that it will impact 35% of the world population. 72.6% of Americans, 85.3% of Canadians and 92.4% of Europeans. The loss of eyesight represents the denial and delusion of the population. Recovering my eyesight will mean tilting over those whole delusion paradigms.

If you want to help, you’ll need to focus on opening up that 35% of the planet. Creating large crystal grids will help immensely.

The whole truth-seeking and spiritual communities completely missed the boat here. Not a SINGLE truth platform has helped soften these blows that I’ve been warning about. We can’t focus on the invaders while we’re dealing with the delusion and denial of our own Lightworkers population, so we need to deal with that first, and fast.

I’ll be hosting a free live Collective Awakening Meditation on January 3rd at 2PM EST to help deal with all this. The best way to deal with things on that scale is to do it in group. The group receptive to this message is still small, but an army of 300 real warriors can be more fearsome than a million troops. Until then, do use the live stream recording to clear yourself.

I am providing this for free. If you feel inclined to, please support the funding campaign here. The food at home is infected and we can only go eat outside for weeks, often at only 1 or 2 places in the whole city, and not the cheapest places, once or twice per day. We manage with about $60 food per day for all 3. Being in Mexico does give us an advantage here! You won’t eat like that 3 people at $60 per day in the USA or Canada. I’ll also go consult for an eyes exam during the week. All 3 of us also badly need to see a chiro. The donations are making a big difference. Plus I’ll get the GoPro in my hands soon.

Energetically, the donations are also hugely strengthening us and strengthening the movement, and stabilizing you in return. That’s why we can’t live at a financial survival level, and need to greatly increase the money flowing in and the money flowing out, to increase the circulation of energy. Talking about the energetic dynamics of the donations is a whole other topic that I’ll talk about later. It strengthens the movement, strengthens you, creates and exchange and circulation of energy, and creates a collective aggregate that turns into an unstoppable collective movement. Your donations matter, in many ways. Some of you may also benefit from donating smaller amounts on a regular basis to stabilize the energies without giving big bursts. Pay attention to the energetic effect it has on your field and muscle-test what’s best for you.

Remote Cell Harmonizer remote healing technologies are also active on everyone who donate to help improve your health. Another topic I’ll need to talk more about later.

Join Zoom Meeting: Collective Awakening Meditation

Time: Sunday Jan 3, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Meeting ID: 821 5669 5669
Passcode: 986655
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Meeting ID: 821 5669 5669
Passcode: 986655
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Of course, the replay will be available, and you’ll get much more benefits by attending live.

Zoom link here, available on desktop, mobiles or via phone.

See you soon!

P.S. On a separate topic, Universe Martial Law is being declared. Yet another topic to cover.

Still got many videos to produce and topics to cover before leaving for the journey!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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