Some of the people I work with need help overcoming majors self-sabotage issues holding them back. Others are in a self-growth path where they want to better themselves and start living their purpose. There are others, however, you can’t cut corners and who must follow the Path of Immortals. Especially with the chaos that is starting worldwide and that will keep intensifying, some people must step up right now to do what they have to do, whatever that is.

First, what is an Immortal? For most people, when they die, the soul disperses itself and they automatically re-incarnate with a fragmented energy into a new physical body to continue their evolution. Beyond the physical body, we also have a spiritual body, and when that spiritual body is sufficiently developed, it remains intact after death and can function with or without a physical body. Such soul is called an Immortal. Some Immortals can even walk in and out of physical bodies if needed, although the veil makes it difficult on the surface of this planet.

In China, there is the legend of the 8 Immortals. I was one of them, and have now located 6 of the 8 Chinese Immortals. Technically, most of the 100k Orion souls who came onto this planet were Immortals, but in a more distant past. There are also many other Immortals native from this planet, many living in a psychic realm known as the Heaven Palace who possess great psychic powers. What made those 8 Immortals special among all the others? Most immortals would transcend the cycle of incarnation and live in the higher realms. The 8 Immortals, however, decided to live in the physical world because they were needed. Back in Orion, Immortals did not seek to avoid the physical plane and they would incarnate freely.

So what does it mean to walk the Path of Immortals? This is for ancient souls that had their powers sealed as I talked about many times. First, it means to reconnect with your Immortal self by restoring your memories and powers. Second, it means that you have a very high purpose to play and that you cannot compromise on your purpose. God and your divine purpose must come before anything else, no matter what sacrifices are required. You cannot cut any corners. Third it means you must follow certain divine rules. You cannot steal, harm or cheat people in any way, and you must always maintain the highest level of integrity in everything you do.

Back in the time of the 8 Chinese Immortals, there was also a rule that Immortals cannot fall in love. Those who violated that rule were severely punished by the Immortals of the Heaven Palace. The reason for such a rule is that it is too easy to lose oneself into a web of entanglements and stray from our divine alignment and purpose. It is a very slippery slope and thus this rule was severely enforced. Nowadays, I live with no such rule and can experience love and sexuality freely without restrictions except respecting other people’s boundaries. I now understand the difference between falling in love and rising in love. Falling in love is a path of entanglements that holds one back. Rising in love is sharing love freely without pains or attachment. If you are truly rising in love, the other person could die tomorrow and you would not need to shed a tear. You would instead bless that person in the continuation of his or her journey. As for what other Immortals should do here, I’m not sure anymore because it is a very slippery slope that requires a lot of experience to master.

When you are called to play at that level, you cannot compromise on your path anymore. You cannot study the principles of the Universe and then live according to our human laws. You cannot keep doing business as usual while gradually bettering yourself along the way. You must step fully into a completely different reality and you must have absolute faith in every action you take, and you cannot accept any restriction. You have the power to shape reality with your mind and you must shape reality accordingly.

When you read the legends of the 8 Immortals, they would fly around and change their physical appearance all the time. When we look at this today, it makes absolutely no sense, but with the veil getting thinner and thinner, the relationship between the energetic and physical planes will be different once the veil is down. Even if the soul is Immortal, the physical body still has restraints as to how long it can live. I believe our physical body can live around 800 years when it is healthy. I would like to know how long the 8 Immortals lived, but I don’t have that information.

Again, with what is unfolding around the world, there is great urgency for certain individuals to step into a role of leadership, to reconnect with their Immortal self and to walk the Path of Immortals, and most of my focus needs to be in working with such individuals. But then, you must also start where you’re at, so I can support you no matter what level you’re at. It’s just that you can’t eternally just keep working on yourself. At some point something greater is awaiting you.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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