After exposing Mary Magdalene as a very powerful witch as the root of all evil, things are calming down tremendously and do not feel infinite anymore. We’re approaching the end of the road, and we’re certainly not done with surprises.

This brings a lot of questions about the Jesus story. The best way to evaluate the genuineness of people is by measuring their pledge to God. Many are pledged to Lucifer instead of the real Source.

Let’s look at the God pledge of various figures throughout history.

Jesus youth: 40.4%
Jesus after meeting Magdalene: 34.8%
Mary Magdalene: 0% — root of all evil
Jesus after resurrection: 0%

What about the old Orion Federation?

Elohim, Empress of Orion: 85.4%
Hanuman, Commander of Orion: 94.7%+
Most Orion Generals: 50%+
Buddha, Emperor of Orion: 0% ****

Metatron: 0%
Krishna: 0%
Ra: 0%
FIrst Patriarch of Andromedia: 0%
Muhammad: 0%

This bring a whole lot of questions. Let’s start with an easy one, Ra. In the Law of One, he actually uses the word Harvest to describe Ascension. That settles the case.

First Patriarch of Andromedia betrayed us and them and caused the full collapse of the whole Andromedian sector. Let’s move on.

Krishna? Bhagavad Gita is all about full undivided pledge to Krishna, but Krishna itself is not pledge to God??? There are still lots of great things in that book, but Krishna is Lucifer itself.

About Jesus, last I checked, his shadow was my Atman shadow, but his main essence was Krishna. If both Krishna and Atman have 0% actual pledge to God, then where does his 40% pledge come from?? Let’s re-analyze his essence. His high pledge looks like my energetic signature…

Soul composition of Jesus:
Atman (mine): 13.4%
Krishna (Lucifer): 57.9%
Soul shard (mine): 14.8%
Pistis Sophia: 13.9%

Jesus was engineered by the Pleiadians, they stole a soul shard from me to form his core, my shadow (Atman) came along in equal proportion. That shard is not conscious per se but used as a power source.

Jesus after resurrection:
Atman: 0.1%
Krishna: 0.0%
Soul shard: 1.3%
Pistis: 2.5%
Thoth: 97.1%

Thoth the impostor took Jesus’ place after his death. He came back and turned all his teachings up-side-down. We’ve seen plenty of shapeshifters among us during the past 3 years… Thoth is no less capable.

Magdalene is the most powerful witch of all, above Lucifer and Pistis. She created Lucifer as the corrupted Masculine and Pistis as the corrupted Feminine to take over all of creation. She was Jesus’ handler.

Jesus was completely surrounded and manipulated by dark forces from birth until even after death.

Now, Luciferians were running rampant before his time and my friend says that he forced the Luciferian cult to hide underground. Is that accurate? I measure 35% accurate on that; he marked the transition into a new age that is more sophisticated but it’s more complicated than that.

Now, Magdalene is where a lot of people get stuck into the Jesus stuff like a spider web. There is a DNA chain of Jesus-Magdalene that runs through time like a spider web. We’ve been working on dismantling that corrupted DNA chain. Super interesting to peel through the layers!!

Muhammad being Lucifer and Islam being pledged to Lucifer, I don’t think anyone will be surprised.

Where I have more problems, as the First Commander of Orion and Buddha’s right hand for so many ages is… Buddha. 0% God pledge?? We knew for a while that Lucifer was his shadow, just like Satan was my shadow, but is he Lucifer itself in disguise? Did both Buddha and Metatron fool us for the whole lifespan of the Orion Federation?

We’re seeing a pattern: Lucifer being the first line of defense of the various Galactic Federations. No wonder they all fall. This would bring a new perspective as to the destruction of Orion 12500 years ago. It got harvested.

Let’s look at Buddha’s core intent as the Emperor of Orion at its peak, teaching about Enlightenment. 35% of his essence has a core intent of 25 billion or above, followed by a very thick impenetrable veil, and 65% of his essence with a core intent way below 0.

Same thing during his incarnation on Earth. This explains his later incarnation as L. Ron Hubbard that is closer to his Luciferian nature. Some people in Scientology are pledged to God, but the church as an institution has always been pledged to Lucifer.

It does appear Buddha fooled all of us the whole time, including his wife Elohim! I told Elohim about this revelation; she hasn’t responded yet. It’s a lot to digest.

Krishna = Buddha = Lucifer.

Buddhism is just preparing top-quality food for the Beast. The purest food. This explains why we saw so many harvested Ascended Masters. Squashed into tablets.

There really are no genuine teachings out there to use as reference points for the truth.

This shows the level of deception these dark forces operate at. The game they play.

I’ll also note that 36.4% of the world population are Lucifer fragments, and 2.1% are Pistis Sophia fragments. It appears they are all sleeper cells that can be activated at any moment. This explains all the people who have been flipping on us, who were mostly Lucifer and Pistis fragments.

Can any of those fragments avoid that activation? Hock was a Lucifer/Buddha fragment. Before his death, demons were claiming that he had contracts to fulfill and he refused. We refused; and he did not survive. Hock’s soul still has 55% pledge to God from what I can tell. My daughter is still fighting against it after 3 years of non-stop intense work. It is “possible” to avoid this Lucifer/Pistis activation but extremely difficult. Keep an eye on anyone around you who is a Lucifer or Pistis fragment, which represents 38.5% of the population.

As a side-note, as we get to these upper layers, we faced distortions that would require us to cross-check for distortion 50 times or even 156 times before detecting it!! I really don’t trust anything anymore without cross-checking a thousand times and asking my team to triple-check on their own.

If I’m missing something, please let me know, because I’m having a hard time with that one. Buddha is a personal affair.

Accuracy check: 99.7%, distortion 0.7%, cross-distortion 0.3%, cross-cross-distortion 0.13% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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