I’ve been in the middle of very massive energetic shifts lately, haven’t been able to work at all. However all of these energies are getting flushed like in a toilet bowl. In the past, we’ve done massive work (for years) on spiritual lunacy and they’ve fallen completely irrelevant and got out of the way. We’ve done work on Black Lives Matter and Antifa (social engineering movements funded by Georges Soros) and I haven’t heard of them for a long time. Lately the focus has been on libtard lunacy portrayed by the media. Everything the libtards believe is the exact polar opposite of everything I teach, by design. For example, the two most powerful concepts I work with are Yin/Yang sexual polarity, and your foundation and self-identity. The libtards completely corrupt the concept of sexual polarities, and fuse their self-identity around that corruption. Corrupting both core aspects at once. That’s what makes it so dangerous.

Well, it’s all going down the drain. Everyone on my Facebook is absolutely fed up with the libtard lunacy. As this major flushing was going on, the media has been focusing on a huge scandal that has been everywhere on social media: Trump separating families of immigrants like a nazi racist. However, the photos that circulated were fake or from the Obama era, and most of the arguments used by the libtards were false. Too much lies mixed into it to know what’s really going on, but after some research, this post summarizes it the best.

“Bill Clinton passed a bill in 1996 that separated children from adults illegally entering America. And liberals cheered. Obama enforced this same law throughout his entire presidency. And liberals cheered. President Trump is now left to “deal with it”. And liberarls are angry” – accuracy check: 100%

What’s new is that Obama was applying the law inconsistently and Trump is now applying it consistently. That’s only for immigrants who are caught crossing the border illegally, while they are being prosecuted. They spend an average of 41 days in child-care centers, then are either picked up by their parents or placed in foster families. This only represents 10% of the children in those foster-care centers. Prosecution procedures could be improved, but this requires both parties in congress to work together. Trump can do nothing on his own. Accuracy check on this paragraph: 100%.

Now the way this is turning is very interesting. You might have got involved in major flame wars on social media over this, because this is what it turned into. Obama had been trying to keep this hidden, and this is bringing up all of that dirt from the Obama era, and it is also bringing a lot of anger towards the libtards who are trying to spin the story based on lies. Trying to use children to fulfill a political agenda. The story is turning upon itself like a gigantic fireball.

Now this is an incredible amount of energy we can redirect, and this happens while the libtard movement as a whole is getting energetically flushed. All of that fire is literally causing what’s left to self-combust. As of last night, all tensions completely dropped. It came back a little bit during the way, but they’re gone.

We’re entering the summer solstice energy where energy work, intents and decisions are 100x more impactful, from June 18th to 24th. This is a crucial phase to amplify the energy work and flush this for good. Summer and Winter solstice always represent a major shift, turning the page into a new chapter. We’re getting ready for a major shift.

Meanwhile, Trump avoided a nuclear war with North Korea and signed a peace treaty as a first step towards full denuclearization. The liberal media is going absolutely crazy about it, losing an opportunity for war.

Fox News is now reporting a very optimistic outlook for America and Trump, and calls for libtards to be left behinnd with their anger.

And now… Trump wants to create the Space Force as a new branch of the military!?? Why? The space is already highly militarized by the Secret Space Program (offprings of the Nazis) and the MIT which is a low-tech small version of it that was meant for fake partial disclosure. Trump knows that. He’s feeling pumped up from his win with North Korea and now he’s going after the Secret Space Program. This guy is saving no punches. He’s setting up the foundation from which to bring disclosure and establish a connection between both worlds.

On top of that, several Archons stronholds have been destroyed and they keep being eradicated at great speed. Also some sort of cosmic fungus was creating very rigid barriers blocking the flow of light, and this is being removed. In fact, the flushing effect started happening as this cosmic fungus was being dealt with (I’ll spare you the details…)

So yes, we’re living in exciting times. Lots of major wins one after the other. Libtards are gone. We’re moving on.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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