First, I announced a joint live event with Rion Kati but neither of us had any time or energy to promote it at all with everything going on right now, so we’re cancelling this one. Also, in all honesty, the actual progress depends just as much on how the environment evolves as on how you personally evolve, and both internally and externally, it takes some time to integrate. For those reasons, most people who would benefit from the live event would be better served by taking my year-long mentoring program.

That being said, the flushing of libtard energy continues (some people confuse the term libtard for mentally retarded, but it refers to mental disorder, big difference). It’s getting flushed on a daily basis, it’s got to go.

I also haven’t had any clear vision lately, it has been cluttered by all the chaos and movement. I also realized that we’ve shifted timelines and avoided the worst of destruction. I was predicting an EMP on America, an economic collapse, and losing about 30% of the population within 20 years, and 50% of the US population. This no longer seems to be the case.

I was sensing 3.2% probability of having peace with North Korea, and it happened regardless. This changed everything. Furthermore, the economy of the USA is back on track, Trump keeps flushing out the corrupt elite, and he’s even setting up the ground for disclosure of the Secret Space Program (or of the MIT, a basic version of the SSP). We may very well see a reform of global systems unfolding in a much smoother way.

I was also sensing it would take 100 years to fully activate the Ergonemon Crystals and to establish full contact with other races in the cosmos. Now I see it likely to happen within 38-40 years.

I see no changes in regards to Europe, however. Perhaps it doesn’t need to be saved.

So far, there has been lots of lost homes, but very few casualties. It seems this pattern may continue, which is a good thing.

The other area of interest is crypto-currencies. Its projected rise was mostly attributed to a crash of the financial system, but with the US economy being back on track, this might not happen. What does this mean for crypto-currencies? I don’t know, honestly. I don’t see anything clearly for the next 4 months, it feels very uncertain. As a wild guess, I would say it will become the backbone of Internet 3.0, but the adaptation curve will be slower, with a stronger and more stable foundation, which means less of a crash afterwards.

I’m not seeing very clearly these days and everything is up in the air, but there are very positive shifts in the air that I didn’t think were possible.

Also a few curious points of interest. Why did peace with North Korea happen even with only 3.2% probability? The message I got is that probabilities are irrelevant, events follow energetic waves, not probabilities, but I’m not yet sure how to apply this to improve my sight.

Another point of interest is that I predicted Bitcoin and especially Litecoin would go way up in May/June. It didn’t. Instead, my personal income went way up. It feels like there’s a 85% link between the two.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Let’s keep an eye out as to how things re-arrange themselves.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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