I’ve barely been able to do any work since coming back from Thailand in March, and a lot has been unfolding. Dealing with the Satanist Cabal, the Nazis, the Negas, Diablo & Lilith, then now the “agency” launched a fleet to attack Earth a few days ago. When is this going to stop? We’re eliminating the groups one after the other, and we’re getting very effective at it. This is getting incredibly boring and repetitive. Who is next? Many lightworkers have been fooled by the “agency” into fighting for the wrong side.

I have a pile of Soul Alignment Readings to do; doing it once in a while when energies are a bit lighter, but please be patient.

There are obviously very deep shifts taking place, and the new landscape is starting to take shape. This is what I want to share with you today. The spiritual landscape for 2020 and beyond.

First, as I kept repeating for years, lightworkers failed to fill the power vacuum left by the removal of the Dracos, so whenever we take out one group, another group comes through time to fill the vacuum. Last time was UniMatrix stepping in to fill the vacuum. In response, the Galactic Federations have stepped in to fill that power vacuum.

At the same time, 95% of energy workers are forking off into a 20-30 years karmic cycle. I don’t know yet what’s next for me, but these 95% who failed to fill the power vacuum, and who were spared from the virus against their free will, are no longer under my responsibility. My path is elsewhere.

The compatible “spiritual” community (as in “not strongly opposed”) got split by 50% when the Trump thing started, and now it’s getting cut by a further 95%.

On the other side, there’s a massive wave of people starting to wake up. However, they’re waking up from a reactive state, not from a proactive state, and that makes all the difference. They are starting to ask questions but are getting all wrong answers. I can’t have discussions with these people until they get some maturity and some grounding in reality. The only way to accept anything I say is via grounding and discernment, which they don’t yet have.

As for coaching, we’re heading into very heated up months in October, November and December. Normally I get clients to first work with my support coach to learn Royal Alchemy, but now I think I’m better to give him a break until January.

As for me, I have to be very careful who I connect my energy with and who I take as clients, to not take on other people’s karma. When it was time to prepare for all this, very few wanted to learn Royal Alchemy (and deal with all that ascension craziness), and now that more people want to learn it, my energy is getting too far off from where clients are at, plus the context is too heated up, which makes 1-on-1 impractical and too intense. I think where I’m heading is to limit myself to 3 clients per year, and to choose them carefully. And of course, it’s a serious investment.

I’m closing the topic of Covic-19 because my opinion is too violently unpopular, but in about January, many energy workers (who aren’t too deep into denial) will realize the damage they carry within their bodies. Nothing I can do about it now, and nothing I can do about it later. They’re forking off into a path separate from mine.

What will open next for me? Only time will tell. Moving forward in faith!

Accuracy check: 95.7% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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