It certainly has been a very interesting month, with more roller-coaster ahead. Last month, as much as energies were finally opening up in big ways, money didn’t follow and hadn’t come in at all. I ended up in a place where I went to an event in Los Angeles, crashed at Rion’s apartment, and on the 3rd day of the event, my coffee didn’t pass on my credit card so I had to borrow Rion money for the coffee. I made $5000 by the end of that day. I knew that money had to show up because I decided to work with Joanna Garzilli who sponsored the event and I needed that to make her payment. I then went on to make over $10k in a month for the very first time. Interestingly enough, that money came from totally unexpected sources! Sometimes there’s a big dip before a big breakthrough. And there’s more…

I started paying attention to my attitude. One thing I noticed is that sometimes I would make excuses or justify myself and then do it anyway. It may seem like no big deal, but as I dig deeper into it, I came to realize that I was not resistant, but I was reluctant to do anything I felt like I shouldn’t have to do. That means I would do the actions with the emotional walls and defenses up. I wouldn’t do it with willingness and enthusiasm. Knowing what I know about energies, the power behind thoughts are in the emotions (energies in motion) behind those thoughts. Similarly, the power behind actions are in the emotions behind those actions. If I take a reluctant action, the energy neutralizes itself and it neutralizes the power and effect of the action. That would explain why most results I got were a direct result of the energy work while actions themselves brought little results.

Digging deeper into it, I became aware of very deep wounds this reluctant attitude was coming from. As I became aware of it, I removed it at the root right away, just like I do with coaching clients. Oh boy, I’ve set in motion a roller-coaster! As I pulled out this very deep hidden wound from its roots, every thought, emotion, behavior and habit built on top of it started unmaking itself, and this caused energies around me to shift even more intensively. The next day, I felt totally paralyzed by a mass of reluctant energy coming up to the surface. I then started becoming aware of all the things I was doing reluctantly: taking the restaurant bill for others, eating a woman’s pussy, and even cumming reluctantly (hey, I should have another non-ejaculatory orgasm and preserve my seeds and sexual energy). Since the way I do one thing is the way I do everything, there was a whole bunch of stuff I was doing reluctantly without realizing it. This all came up to the surface and dissipated.

As this one thing came up, a whole layer of other issues also came up to the surface and I released several other deep limiting emotional patterns, including a need for approval, a deeply-rooted shame around my path, a resistance to receiving love, a feeling that things are hard and a whole bunch of other things. Needless to say, things have been moving internally lately. The effects in terms of behaviors and language patterns of these deep issues are still dissipating and will be permanently gone shortly. You can be sure that this will result in BIG changes ahead in terms of circumstances and results.

Furthermore, I thought I had 2 events at the end of this month. First, the World Information Network’s first major event in Los Angeles on October 31st to November 2nd. Since I’ve been supporting Perry Kiraly in rebuilding up this club since the very beginning (after Kevin Trudeau went to jail and the Global Information Network was taken down), I have to be there. They’ll actually have a cocktail party in the evening and Sunday is not a training day but a day open for activity… after the cocktail party I’ll have to take the plane at 12:30AM to fly to Florida for David Neagle’s event after 8 hours of flight. I’ll get there late and tired, but it will work out. Try leaving in the morning to get there in the very same morning with a 3 hours jet lag… if you leave at 6AM, it’s already 9AM at your destination! On top of that, I then learned that Eiji Morishita’s next mastermind event is this month in less than 2 weeks. 3 events in a row, this will be a busy month! … as I’m writing this, Rion just announced he “may” host a workshop in Los Angeles on November 8th and Eiji would have its first higher-level mastermind event on the 11th… so if I go there, I would fly straight from Florida into Los Angeles for both events.

That’s on top of the work I started doing with Joanna, the Natural Grounding Player I’m working on, breaking through the $10k income barrier for the first time, Rion also starting to work with Eiji, and I’m considering upgrading my program with Eiji to be in the same group as Rion with even more support. On top of all this, we’ve got some REALLY cool stuff that we’ll be announcing and releasing over the coming month. Stay tuned.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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