One of the most powerful aspects of the work I’m doing, and the most difficult to teach, is about working with Shakti energy, which is the feminine essence. Some of you who have known me for a long time know of the Natural Grounding methodology which is a way of attuning to Shakti goddess energy. However, it took me years to even understand why we were seeing the results we were seeing. Shakti is a very powerful energy of divine alignment, and it is also a very mysterious topic that very few teachers ever talk about.

Recently I came across The Goddesses Experience, a video training that explores the world of Goddesses according to Indian traditions. It immediately caught my attention because I had *never* seen any book or product that talked about harnessing this Goddess energy (expect perhaps Gina Cloud’s book W.O.M.A.N.: A New Definition from a different angle).

I went through The Goddesses Experience and… WOW. Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar is an impressive scholar who understands Indian traditions in-depth and is able to explain very complex philosophical topics in a very simple way. Now, her program has been designed for women while many of the people reading this are men, so I want to talk about where I see it would bring value into your life.

For women, The Goddesses Experience will help you connect more deeply with your feminine nature and tap into your Goddess side. Calling these Goddesses is powerful in itself to support you. Going beyond that, these deities are merely a reflection of your own divine nature. View it as a way to understand and tap more deeply into your divine feminine nature. At the very least, you will not mistake softness and femininity as being weak ever again. Femininity is often being seen as being weak or subservient. This will uncover a whole new dimension that holds unlimited power.

For men, if you want to attract quality women into your life, it is about drawing the goddess out of them. In order to do so, you first have to understand their deeper human and divine nature. Furthermore, once you can see and connect with that divine goddess, there’s absolutely nothing intimidating about it and it allows you to be much more comfortable in your skin and to allow connection to build naturally. Furthermore, through the Law of Polarity, this Shakti energy can draw the masculinity out of you, heal and strengthen you. This Goddess energy is also your divine spiritual alignment. These are all aspects you want to integrate into your own life.

If you’ve been practicing Natural Grounding, a Shakti-attunement methodology, you probably have seen results that defy any rational explanation. Once you start understanding the power of Durga and other goddesses, the kind of results Natural Grounding bring start to make more sense. Having a deeper understanding of this Shakti energy will allow you to tap much deeper into the energy within the videos and greatly amplify the effects. Instead of being blind-folded and seeing results you can’t explain, you can do it with the lights on and see even greater results.

For all these reasons, whether you are a woman who wants to live her full potential as a goddess, or a single man who wants better relationships, or a success-driven individual who want to live his full potential in every aspect of your life, The Goddesses Experience will bring a whole new dimension into your spiritual reality.

Go through it and let me know what you think!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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