This is a follow-up to the previous article Wealth Creation 101: How to Break Free of the Monkey Debt System. I will channel the following message from Archangel Bruno.

My name is Archangel Bruno, member of the Planetary Counsel of Light. I have not received any direct question to the previous message, but it did cause very clear triggers. I will address the main triggers which fall in a few clear categories, read a few questions from your subconscious minds and bring more clarifications, especially when it comes to the practical application.

First, I mentioned that the money you need is here, first in your mind, then in your actions, and finally in your pockets. About 13% of those reading this respect this order. 87% have that part wrong. I’m seeing two main types of divergence. First, there are those who want to think their way into wealth and who don’t follow up with actions. Then, there are those who put their actions before their thoughts because they don’t understand how their mind is creating their reality first.

I will stress that point again. The order is *very* important. First the money is in your mindset, then it must be followed with clear and bold actions, and finally you will receive it, but the price of receiving must be paid upfront. Your actions create abundance only if those actions come from an energetic space that is conductive to the results you seek. The exact same actions under different energetic contexts won’t give you the same results. First you must create the energetic space, then you must be a conduit to give these energies a physical form, and then the energy will have a physical form. How can I make it any simpler? Congratulations to the 13% who got that part right.

One question I received is how does this have to do with practically paying off debts. A problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it. You cannot solve a problem of lack and debts from a mindset of lack and debts. The only way to solve such a problem is to first think differently, then feel differently, and then act differently. Again, the order is very important. Any other order of implementation will bring more of the same.

Another question is how does this allow me to pay bills and employees and cover immediate business needs? Having money to pay bills is like having a fish. Creating a mindset and environment to create wealth is like learning how to fish. Sure you can survive and keep going by finding fishes one after the other. That’s what most of the business world is doing. Credit cards, loans and investments, it’s all about finding fishes. It solves your immediate hunger, but it doesn’t fundamentally solve anything. You may need to be given fishes to cover immediate needs, and at the end of the day, you want to learn how to fish. 12% of the business world knows how to fish, while 88% are trading fishes. In the United States, only 8% knows how to fish.

Finally, there’s a question regarding investments. Where do they fit into all this? An investment is a loan. It’s a big fish. It is necessary for the growth of any business. What appeal to investors, and what will allow your business to grow, however, is your ability to fish and create wealth. Investments are easy to get when you know how to create wealth because investors are actively looking for you. 0.5% of businesses looking for investors are ready for it. In the United States, 0.3% are ready for it.

What’s funny is that in the business world, getting an investor is considered a huge win, while in the personal world, more often than not, getting a loan is considered a failure. What’s the difference? The only difference is the vision; the way you see it. If you view your personal life like a business, you will realize that loans are an easy and necessary resource for growth. Every single respectable business needs loans to cover their growth. Why should your personal life be any different? Again, just like with businesses, most people aren’t ready to receive loans. They don’t have clear plans, they don’t have clear visions, they don’t have strong teams and they don’t commit to a specific plan of action.

Here’s my recommendation. Start looking at your personal life like a business, and start preparing yourself to receive investors. None of the people who read the previous article so far are ready to receive an investment of over $10k. The average is 0.2% ready. How do you prepare for investors? First by shifting your mindset, then by developing new habits and then when you’re ready, they will find you.

Loans are not a problem, they are part of the solution. The mentality of lack is the problem, and it is a plague in the current society. The current financial system is a direct reflection and creation from that lack mindset. It will not be possible to implement a new financial system until at least 15% of the population learns how to create wealth.

I can already feel this triggers a lot of emotional baggage. I will leave it at this for now. Etienne will be hosting a series of calls around Wealth and Prosperity starting in January. I will be responsible for this program and he will be the messenger. That’s it for now.

End of transmission.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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