A bit of update on everything that has been going on. On June 20th 2019, we received coordinated attacks from Arch-Demons in upper Universes. Earth was well-defended, Andromedia was severely attacked but is fine; but the Galactic Federation is in limbo. Since then, the multiverse has been like a big zoo on an open highway and things have been just crazy. There are big shifts happening throughout 100 to 150 Universes above us and some groups have been trying to take over the Multiverse. Things have been hectic to say the least.

Hock Yeoh did a really nice drawing of the Battle of Araghart just before it happened, and it was highly accurate. We got reports afterwards that there were fleets of Reptilian ships attacking our solar system which he drew and I had never mentioned!

Posted by Hock Yeoh on June 19th 2019

Now, after completely disintegrating about 2 million souls in the Multiverse, things are falling back under control. The gates between Universes have been secured and 95% closed. Support can still come in from upper Universes but traffic will be highly regulated.

As of right now, there are 500 ships of the Galactic Federation surrounding Earth to stabilize the situation here and synchronize our energy with the Federation. They have been authorized to do so, but have NOT been authorized to bring Earth into the Federation. In fact, Andromedia , the most important planet of the Federation, has unofficially left the Galactic Federation and formed a new alliance with Light-based planets. Which means the Galactic Federation is going to disintegrate, it served a different era. This solves the question of whether Earth would be confined to the rules of the Federation of not.

According to the Patriarch of Andromedia: “Orion and Avians have the Arnida Alliance (Arnida Federation). And Arnida + AnLePlia (Andromedia+Lemuria+Pleidia)+SiriusAB+some other minorities are the New Galactic Federation. Arnida and AnLePlia combined have 46,34% control in this Universe.”

Yet the Orion Federation isn’t reformed yet, and the AnLePlia Federation isn’t formet yet either, but things are starting to take shape. The Universe used to be divided about equally in 3 Federations: Orion Federation (Light-based spiritual warriors with advanced spiritual and technological knowledge, destroyed 12000 years ago), Draco Federation (dark forces seeking power and coercion, recently eliminated), and Galactic Federation (kind of like United Nations at a cosmic scale, now falling apart). Now that all 3 Federations are in limbo, a new global order is taking place.

Yet there is so much chaos and everybody is pulling the blanket on different sides.

We just had a counsel meeting with many Federations in the Multiverse to discuss important matters, and discussed the formation of 3 new Federations. It has been a very productive meeting.

First topic discussed: whether the re-activation of the Ergomenon Crystals on Earth is in accordance to God’s will or a distortion of power. The Ergomenon Crystals, which were at the core of the Orion Federation, have their own consciousness, and upon the destruction of Orion, they teleported here, and now wish to re-activate. We all agreed that the activation of the crystals will be necessary for the healing of this planet, and that they are acting in accordance to God’s Will. One big issue resolved.

Second topic discussed: the formation of a new Federation of Gatekeepers to regulate traffic across the Multiverse. We all agreed this is necessary but the details need to be designed and agreed upon. This new Federation across the Multiverse will be called the Axis Federation, managed from 50, 100 and 150 Universes above ours, with coordinated advanced technologies to strengthen the gates at all levels and strict regulations to promote stability and harmony.

Third topic discussed: the formation of the new AnLePlia Federation, and whether the Orion planets would join or not as they hadn’t given a response yet. We all agreed this new Federation would be needed, and while they control most of the assets of the Galactic Federation, this leaves about 8% of their ships, weaponry and infrastructure in the hands of planets and nations that are left in a grey zone, so there will be a thriving black market for those for the next few million years. We have to ensure those are not being used for abusive purposes; and that those planets aren’t left into perilous situations that would justify abusive actions. Furthermore, the Orion Federation shall deal with any attacks from rebel groups using weaponry from the Galactic Federation, as they would have equal technology as AnLePlia. Blocking an attack with equal technology is stupid and leads to unnecessary losses.

Fourth topic discussed: whether the Orion Federation needs to be reborn, as 8000 Orion planets are waiting for it. The discussions about the formation of the Axis Federation with some members of the AnLePlia Federation made it clear that there is a great divergence of fundamental beliefs among the Federation that isn’t suitable for the way of living of the Orions. The Orions are Light-based spiritual warriors and can’t compromise on their integrity with their higher self, whereas the AnLePlia Federation is a lot more inclusive to various beliefs and ways of life. Thus, we agreed that both Federations would be needed.

We went on to fetch the Mandate From Heaven for each Federation, which shows up as a scroll and generally contains half what you already know about your purpose, and half with further details you were not yet conscious of. The creation of a Federation requires a Mandate From Heaven.

For the AnLePlia Federation, the mandate read: promoting peace, consciousness and harmony throughout this Universe and beyond in an inclusive way. For the Orion Federation, the mandate read: being divine servants of God with the highest level of integrity and consciousness, serving as pillars of Light in this Universe. For the Axis Federation, the mandate read: ensuring peace and stability across the Multiverse by regulating traffic and providing support as needed, and aiding in the formation of the Orion Federation (that last sentence shocked everyone).

Nobody can argue with the Mandates From Heaven, and so it shall be, and this will bring order at the higher levels. All 3 Federations will require further approval of the details before being implemented formally, so a second meeting will take place later.

The AnLePlia Federation will be more heart-based, with a focus on being inclusive and supportive, whereas the Orion Federation will be more spirit-based, with a focus on having the highest level of integrity and connection with God, so this core difference justifies the need for two separate Federations that will be working together.

Furthermore, there were wildfires in California that started the day the collective consciousness of the trees centered in the Amazonian Forest accepted to anchor the new Heaven energies on Earth. Now things are so damn heated up that the Amazonian Forest is burning at record levels. From now on, the Axis Federation will take the heat and the forests can go to rest. This will greatly stabilize things.

Once all 3 Federations will be in place, I estimate they will together represent 83% of this Universe.

This is all for now, signing off.

Accuracy check: I get 92.5% or 95.7%. Measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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