I received several questions about the experience at the upcoming live event in Playa del Carmen on December 18-19th and what to expect. There also has been several energetic backlashes regarding this event which had to be neutralized. First I’ll review the logistics with you, then channel a message from Izael, commander of the Archangels, and then the Avians Federation has an official communication they want to get through.

The event will be a small group of 6 people, in my apartment in Playa del Carmen. It will be on Friday December 18 and Saturday December 19th. We begin at 10am on Friday and go up until about midnight. Then we start at Noon on Saturday and go up until 5am in the morning. There is no structured agenda. We create the sacred space and then work on each individual in the group. What we cover depends on what comes up. We will cover what you need to be covered. In the evenings, we’ll go into Natural Grounding sessions to immerse into higher energies and better integrate all the energy work we’ll be doing.

For transportation, look on kayak.com and travelocity.com and search +/- 3 days. You’ll fly to either Cancun (CUN) or Cozumel (CZM) airport. From Cancun airport, there is an ADO bus leaving every half-hour straight to Playa del Carmen for $12. From the Playa del Carmen bus terminal, you can get a taxi for $3-4. It’s very simple. Someone got a ticket from San Francisco to Cozumel for $307 roundtrip. I saw roundtrip tickets from Cancun to Los Angeles for as low as $220. Quick tip from an experienced traveler: if you bring no liquids or sharp objects, you can keep your bag as a carry-on and save $25 each way, reducing your travel costs by $50 for the roundtrip.

For hotels, I recommend hotel Maya del Carmen which is just a few blocks from here. The price is currently $52 per night on Booking.com. If you want to book somewhere else, I’m located around here. Since we stay up all night, some people at past events didn’t even book a hotel for that last night.

I will mention that some extremely dark forces had their main energetic bases in this area. They have been destroyed and some Orion technology has been built under Cancun to dissipate their roots and ground light into the area. If you’re flying into Cozumel, however, be careful. The energetic bases were directly under Cozumel and I haven’t gone there to do a complete clean-up. There might be remnants of these dark forces left and you will need energetic protection. You can focus your mind on the generator beneath Cancun which will draw the dark forces like a beacon and they will leave you alone. Also set your intention to ask Izael and the Archangels for protection, and they will ensure your safe passage.

The following is a message from Izael.

My name is Izael, commander of the Archangels. It came to my attention that the organization of this event triggered more backlashes than I expected, although Etienne was expecting it. Let’s talk about that first. What concerns me is that many of the energetic attacks and resistances come from the very people who are reading this. There is a new world that is emerging whether you like it or not. What you do about it will determine how you will live your future. It’s easy to hold onto the past because it feels safe and comfortable, especially if you’ve always lived an OK life. When the ground shifts beneath your feet, what will you do then? Will you wait for your world to collapse before deciding that there has to be a better way of living your own personal life? It would then be too late for a smooth transition.

Make no mistake: by being among the first ones to step into a new path, you will face a lot of resistances from your peers and neighbors. But then if you don’t, you will later face a chain of challenges as the new world unfolds against your will. Inaction means being in the same boat as the passive conservationists, which means swimming against the river… during waves of trunamis. These waves of tsunamis would already be happening if it wasn’t for the Avians creating a barrier dissolving the waves of energies currently entering our solar system.

And then this message is for those who do want to take action and lead the way towards a better world. There is a growing alliance that is forming both in the energetic and physical planes. This event is your chance to reach out for support, and also to become part of this alliance. By being an ambassador to this divine alliance, Etienne is able to have tremendously more authority and influence than he would if he tried to work on his own. It allows him to play at a much higher level to have an impact that matters. You are also required to play at a higher level if you really want do have an impact that matters. This is not the only opportunity for doing so, but it is one big opportunity, especially if you don’t yet have large projects in operation.

The following is an official communication from the Avians Federation.

Greetings from the Avians Federation. We are the guardians of the galaxy and have been watching the evolution of this planet for the past 30 000 years. We are the source of the Law of One book, and came various time throughout history to teach wisdom of the heart. Several of our attempts in the past have failed and the knowledge had been corrupted for power and control, such as in Egypt. For this reason, we are exerting extreme caution this time to prevent repeating our mistakes of the past.

We have been observing Etienne for the past few years. He has achieved in just those few years what we couldn’t achieve for thousands of years. For this reason we are forging an alliance. The energetic structures and teams of divine beings he has established on the planet will ensure that no abuse of control of power will be tolerated. It will not be possible to use the new powers for selfish gains and for control, as those intentions will be overthrown by even greater forces. For example, Russia and China are central parts of the Alliance in the physical plane, and they will not be allowed to over-use their power or take advantage of other countries during the vulnerable transition phase.

Izael mentioned waves of higher-density energies that are currently bombarding the solar system. We had to diffuse these incoming energetic tsunamis to prevent a catastrophic collapse of your society. This is, however, only a temporary measure. This barriers will be gradually removed once we are assured and no more than 10% of the population will decease. We expect to reach this phase around February 2016 after the turmoil of the holidays and the avalanche of higher conscious energies that will follow.

Which brings us to this point. What if it was a lie? What if none of this is going to happen? You’ve been hearing this for years and nothing happened. The reason nothing major happened is because you weren’t ready for it. You’re living on borrowed time thanks to our federation. We have to get to a point where allowing such a transition to unfold will be safe for the survival of human society. This is something a lot deeper than you can imagine.

We are responsible for the sealing of memories of the souls of Orion. Out of the 102000 Orion souls on this planet, we have sealed 62000 of them. You have to understand the context. 65 billion Orion souls were obliterated 12300 years ago, and they got destroyed a second time 6200 years ago. They had to hide to ensure the survival of their knowledge and species. Up until now. The advanced and old souls of Orion, of Lemuria and of Andromeda that had been hiding on this planet will be playing a crucial role in the awakening and transformation of this planet. They have the wisdom, knowledge and power to build an entirely new civilization that works according to divine principles and that actually works, both politically, economically and socially. They have done it before and will do it again. And first, they must recover their memories and powers.

For this reason, the upcoming event that Etienne will be hosting not only has the direct support of the newly-formed Planetary Counsel of Light, but also of the Avians Federation at the highest level.

The new planetary power structures are already taking shape. There is a strong military presence in the divine planes. The Russians have pledged to use their military to protect the interests of the light in the physical plane. The Chinese have pledged to use their economic power to protect the interests of the light, and they are being carefully watched to prevent abuses and misuses of power. The Planetary Counsel of Light ensures the maintenance and surveillance of the planetary global movements of energies and powers. The dark forces are being contained. Various countries are sorting out their governmental power structures to join the alliance, and Germany and France are expected to join shortly. The souls of Orion will most definitely hold the spiritual centers of power. There is not yet any political central structure representing the higher consciousness of light.

A new world is starting to take shape. What role will you play in it?

Etienne has 2 spots left for his upcoming event. You know how to contact him.

End of transmission.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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