Ever since resolving the value conflicts, everything is falling into proper place. I finally feel a deep sense of alignment with my support team, purpose, message and tribe, and this feels really good. I also started getting much more messages and guidance from my spiritual guides. After the recent drama, I took 3 days off outside Bangkok to go through a feeling of deep sorrow. It’s as if circumstances were talking to me.

Sometimes you just have to trust life and make the jump.
Make the jump

Sometimes you just have to take a shot.
Take a shot

Sometimes you just got to do things your own way.
Do things your own way

And sometimes it’s simply about preserving the roots you already have (this temple was built over 2000 years ago and is still being maintained today).
Preserving roots

Really, what I do with my business is help you develop a lifestyle of purpose, freedom and wealth. The reason you are here is probably because you feel like “something” is missing in your life and you don’t feel fully alive. This can manifest anywhere between a silent depression and a deep craving. You definitely seek something, but it’s difficult to put a name on what it is that you seek. Many men start their journey seeking healthier relationships, while many women start their journey seeking their way out of oppressing relationships. But really, what you seek is something deeper.

If you have a deep calling from your soul, a deep desire to achieve something, it might seem as if you are going against society and it can be very difficult to bridge the gap between your reality and the reality of others to communicate what it is that you want to offer the world. I can tell you from experience that it’s not easy to start a business that is in deep alignment with your spirit, moving forward without compromising your purpose and integrity. Let’s face it. You live in a very competitive world filled with people programmed with dysfunctional beliefs that are way out of alignment with the spiritual truth of life. That being said, some have a more challenging life purpose while others have an easier life path. I worked with many coaches and tried many different approaches, and I can tell you nobody has been able to provide me the answers. Like one client just told me, if I start asking questions nobody can answer, perhaps it’s time to start teaching it.

When it comes to developing a lifestyle of purpose, freedom and wealth, I see many clients going through huge inner transformation and most get stuck at earning their life through their life purpose. This is an extremely important stage to break through. You cannot reach freedom until you break free of the need to spend your energy at jobs that are out of alignment with your path. The business is the vehicle that will allow you to translate your soul’s purpose, it is what will bring you the freedom to design your own lifestyle of freedom and it is what will allow you to go beyond the cap set on your income. A deep alignment with spirit brings additional challenges as you cannot cut corners and take the easy roads anymore. Spirit is the challenge and spirit is also the solution so you have to trust it all the way through no matter what it takes.

The guidance I’m receiving on this is very clear: I’m here to help you break through this. I have most of the answers I need for my own path, and your path is different and unique. When it comes to following your true path, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I don’t pretend to have all the answers for you. What I know is that your spirit has all the answers you need and I can help you reconnect with those answers.

Because I see so many people getting stuck at the stage of earning their life abundantly from their purpose, I am highly committed to breaking through that obstacle once and for all. For this, I am looking for 5 individuals with the same level of commitment to work one-on-one with me. It doesn’t matter whether you’re clear about your life purpose. What matters is that you have a deep commitment to move forward. The path will clarify and evolve along the way.

I am looking for 5 individuals who
– want to break free of working for others
– want to design a lifestyle of purpose, freedom and wealth
– are at the stage of stepping into their purpose and starting their business
– are highly committed to move forward no matter what
– are not willing to compromise their purpose and integrity
– are already doing some Natural Grounding, Self-Awakening or Alchemy meditations to feed their spiritual alignment

I was previously only taking private clients with a commitment of $5000, and I’m going to compromise on this one in order to break through these challenges. I don’t want money to be the obstacle. I want this opportunity to be accessible to anyone with a high enough level of commitment. I will only ask for a commitment of $3000 AND will provide a payments plan option at no additional fee. However, this opportunity is only available to 5 people and you must apply and prove your level of commitment and integrity. Also, I am only taking applications for the next 3 days. This opportunity is closing Sunday Dec 16th at midnight EST. Fast action takers are always the best to work with.

I cannot promise I will have all the answers for you. I cannot promise you will suddenly become rich and successful. I cannot promise it will be easy. What I can 100% promise is that you will experience a profound internal shift, your external reality will transform and evolve in a very profound way and you will find your own answers. That is, if you follow your commitment and allow me to help you. Each life path is unique and some will reach success easier than others. What is sure is that you will end up in a completely different place with completely different circumstances and a completely different perspective. You will start seeing opportunities and ways to resolve problems that you can’t even currently imagine. Every client I worked privately with had their lives unfold like a snowball. The challenge is to catch up with the changes which is where I ask for a strong commitment.

If you are serious about breaking free of a job and reaching success and wealth through your purpose, don’t tell me you can’t get $3000. Seriously, I made a $16000 investment when I was running out of credit which left me fall flat into a dead-end. You know what’s the most surprising part? I have always been able to cover my needs and I’m still alright, stronger than ever. You will always have what you need when you need it, that’s a proven fact. The real question is about your commitment.

If you want to take this opportunity to work 1-on-1 with me to design your life around your purpose and break free of what is oppressing you, here’s what you need to do. Send me an email and answer these few questions:

– What is the vision you have for your own life?
– How do your current circumstances differ from your vision?
– What steps have you already taken to make that vision a living breathing reality?
– What would you do if you were to face a challenge bigger than you?
– Why is NOW your time to step up?
– Why should I choose you for this opportunity?
– What is your ability to pay per month?

If you do not currently have the money, I will adjust the program according to your current ability to pay IF you prove that you are stretching beyond your comfort zone. Your life circumstances will then become very different so at some point you have to trust life and make the jump, knowing life is taking care of you.

This opportunity is limited to 5 people and closes on Sunday Dec 16th at midnight EST.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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