Day 1 in China was way above my expectations. The hotel is highly luxurious, and the breakfast buffet was the best Chinese food I have ever eaten; I didn’t even know such Chinese food even existed. Then we went to an event at one of the 5 top Universities in China, in Wuhan, with Master Zhou and several other very powerful masters. The lunch was paid for by the government, which high-ranked governments officials with an absolutely luxurious lunch. White-house reception kind of thing. And the diner was even better (or just as good) at a Dao-style vegetarian restaurant next to a temple, where the food had an extremely high vibration. That was amazing. Things will just go uphills from there for the next 2 weeks. They’re very grateful that the few of us made it to China to learn about their culture, when most Americans are just closed off to the concept of energies. (Canadians are just as American as Brazilians, as America is a continent)

That being said, there’s something else I want to talk about. I have the philosophy not to spend my time and energy doing things others can do. For 90% of you, there is a core fear that is sabotaging every aspect of your life, and resolving that core fear and the stuff around it is all you need to flip your life up-side-down like a snowball. The process is very straightforward:

1. Teach basic Alchemy healing techniques
2. Clean up energetic junk (implants, portals, etc.)
3. Cute the core fear at its root

It’s the exact same basic process I’ve been doing with 80% of my private clients. Truth is, I don’t need to do that myself. There are others I trained who can do it just as well, at a much more affordable price.

I used to offer a $2500 package to do just that in 3 sessions, and I won’t do it anymore. My personal time will be better spent with leaders who have a vision that is too big to achieve on their own and who need God to get involved into their vision to make it happen. That’s a higher level of investment and more advanced/intensive work.

If you’re part of that 90% who need that basic process to break free of old patterns and move forward, then I can get a client that I trained personally to work with you, at only $1000 for 6 months of coaching. It is plenty to resolve your major issue and guide you forward to ensure you don’t revert back into previous beliefs and patterns. If you’re interested in this offer, you still first need to do the Energy Tune-Up with me, and for now the strategy session will still be with me to identify your core fear. For the rest, my clients can definitely take care of it.

If there’s enough interest, I’m also considering launching a certification program, although I won’t do much promotion for it. I would basically train you with my methodology to help clients in this way, and then I would forward you clients to work with, get practice and get into a higher level of learning through teaching. I haven’t decided on the details yet but this program will be $1000 per month. Let me know if you’re interested in this.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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