Channeled from the Orion library: summary of DNA functions and its role in cellular degeneration and regeneration.

The role of DNA structures is to hold the fabric of life, as an ever-evolving and ever-expanding expression of life (life meaning Source Consciousness). It is a highly intelligent arrangement of particles and nano-particles in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th densities that define every aspect of one’s life. A common error for DNA researchers, in their quest to perfect their DNA heritage, is to look at it from a 3D perspective, and this is like looking at a 3D maze as a flat image: a lot of things don’t make sense, with dead-ends everywhere.

The most obvious role of genetic codes in its 3D composition is to hold physical traits of a living sentient: the color of its eyes, the shape of its head, as well as genetic deficiencies. Many researchers try to manipulate these genetics for optimal health by assembling chosen traits like the pieces of a puzzle. Some pieces fit, others don’t, and there are often unforeseen reactions and side effects.

Beyond the obvious, the 4th density holds the memories of that living sentient within its structure. Many think memories are stored in the brain, and this is a false premise. Memories are entirely stored within the genetics, within its structures in the 4th and 5th densities. The brain is a complex antenna that interacts with these genetic structures, and with other energetic constructs. After all, the brain entirely operates in the abstract plane, doesn’t it?

There is no difference between memories of current incarnation and memories of past incarnations, they are stored exactly in the same and in the same way. The reason it is more uncommon to remember past lives is because of a phenomenon called “discontinuity of mental constructs”, and in certain less-evolved worlds, because of social conditioning. Discontinuity of mental constructs means that a person creates a paradigm of life based on his experiences, and although he would be perfectly capable of remembering other lives and incarnations, it wouldn’t fit within his existential paradigm, and thus can only remember things that connect with his current paradigm. View it like flipping through various data disks, and being able to read other disks only through data that directly relates to the current disk. Past life regression is a way of temporarily switching disk, but unless some of it relates to the current disk, it is hard to maintain awareness of any of it.

In less-evolved 3D worlds, where they hold a world view that they live in a 3D sphere, and that actions can only be taken through physical means, the children often remember past lives when they are very young, and as soon as they start forming mental constructs and the brain starts shaping itself to understand the world it lives in, it loses its ability to see beyond the container of its current incarnation. In order to remember, it must unlearn the illusions of the world he lives in, and seek a deeper truth within himself. This often leads to a duality between their internal and external realities, and a difficulty to integrate within a world of illusions and ignorance. Thus, the brain often shuts down such attempts as a protective mechanism.

DNA structures are also inter-linked between parents and children. When a baby is born, the genetics of the father and mother mix on the 3D plane, but on the 4th and 5th densities, the DNA of the parents extends into the DNA of the child, forming a family chain. Through astral projection, you can navigate your DNA chain towards your 2 parents, 4 grand-parents, and 8 grand-grand-parents, and so on. You can also navigate to every child you had. If you lose a baby, the DNA chain will still be there but will be damaged and burnt. When a person sharing a DNA connection with you dies, it has a very strong effect on you, both in cutting chains of slavery and conditioning, and in cutting one of the DNA support structures that will then look burnt or orange. The DNA link isn’t entirely severed though. All 3D aspects of the DNA chain are destroyed upon death, and 4th, 5th and 6th density structures remain, although they can sometimes see damage and degradation after the 3D explosion.

The 4th density structures contain the habits and behavioral structures needed to integrate within the environment. It contains more of the emotional components of the living sentient. The 5th density structures contain the connections to the light, and the way various aspects are wired or un-wired from the source of Life. The 5th density structures are very simple: for each aspect of DNA structures in the 3rd and 4th densities, the 5th density indicates the degree of connection of that aspect to the source of life. It’s that simple, for 90% of it.

The 6th density is where things get interesting. Once a living sentient has evolved beyond a certain point, it develops an Immortal body in the 6th density and above, allowing him to incarnate at will, or live in the astral planes as an Immortal. Immortal souls thus develop their personality and every aspect of their immortal self in the 6th density of their DNA structure. When they chose to incarnate, their physical body may not live eternally, but they are still the same as they were in ancient legends. 6 months before fecundation, the 6th density composition of the child attaches itself to the parents and forms an attractive force that leads to the physical fecundation where the 3rd and 4th densities of the DNA come into place. You thus see a tri-link merging of the father’s DNA, mother’s DNA, and child’s DNA, merging the 3rd and 4th density structures of the parents with the 6th density structures of the child, and as the merging occurs, the structures merge and re-arrange themselves into balance across all densities.

Genetic deficiencies are merely parts of the code that have a bad presence in the 5th density. Some aspects have more critical effects than others. That’s pretty much all about it.

Some of the common mistakes done by DNA researchers through time are to try to cut out defective genes instead of simply restoring the 5th density presence of those genes. Such alteration of the natural DNA chains lead to DNA fragmentation, further damaging the 5th density structures, and leading to faster cellular degeneration. Some go as far as merging various DNA chains together in the hopes of creating a hybrid. This sometimes works, and sometimes even produces superior results in 3D terms, but will always lead to unstable DNA structures and faster cell degeneration, and from there, you’ll constantly be battling against that natural accelerated degeneration. It’s a losing battle. We do not recommend this approach.

You can shape and reshape those DNA structures just like any energetic structures, and this task is better done by an Immortal soul, and the how-to is beyond the scope of this summary book. Nonetheless, simply having a basic understanding of how genetic structures operate can lead your researches in a direction that will produce results instead of producing frustrations. This is a science that always leads to dead-ends when looked at from a 3D perspective, and it is simple and full of possibilities when you look at it from a 6D holistic perspective.

– Ashtar Bengamen Venkulski, DNA Researchers of the Orion Core Fleet (written ~520 000 years ago, still years ahead of our time)

Accuracy check: 99.99982%

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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