Channeled from the Orion library: Foundation of Liquid Management Systems, a Blueprint for Global Wealth Generation.

Wealth, as a constituent entity, is defined as an abundance, or overflow, of energy and/or resources. Abundance of water is seen when it flows in an unrestrained way within a healthy ecosystem. When you hold onto water, it becomes stagnant, stops carrying life, and starts developing microbes. The essential characteristics of a healthy ecosystem include inter-connection between individual cells, and a bi-lateral exchange between those cells. Within the body, health is directly proportional to the degree of exchange between individual healthy cells.

Thus, we have movement, individuality, and exchange, as being the 3 main components for global wealth and economic health.

How do we achieve individuality? Through education, and training people how to use their mind and spirit to achieve what they want. God also has its own humorous way of training us.

How do we achieve movement? By giving it a purpose, a common direction. A fragmented society sees no cohesive movement and stagnates. During economic recessions, war is often used as a way to bring a common purpose for the people, and thus achieving a shared movement. If you’re riding a canoe, with ten people peddling into a different direction, it goes nowhere. It takes something to make them peddle into a common direction, whether God, a shared project, war, a common enemy, or anything else.

The recommended approach is to increase the connection with God, but for the people who aren’t ready for that, it can backfire into resistance and opposition. The second best approach is to promote a shared vision or project that inspires the heart and soul of all the people involved. Nobody does that better than a true king or ruler who watches over his kingdom, and who has earned the respect of his ancestors. The third approach is by facing a common problem or challenge, and not sitting in lethargy but instead taking action to make things better. Because all 3 approaches are valid, and because shared movement is so critically important, all 3 approaches should be applied at every opportunity.

The next part is exchange. Without exchange, even the most precious metal is worthless, and you can’t even eat it. Exchange is the circulation of currency and value within the ecosystem. What is worth 1 gold bar to you may be worth 10 gold bars to someone else, and what takes you an hour to do may take someone else 10 minutes to do better. Beyond that, exchange is the only way of achieving any leverage. You can farm your own food and have only exchange with the soil, but then you end up trading all your time for food. You can instead hire people to do the work, trade your money for work, work for food, and food to produce more with your time.

Also looking at any commercial port or market, its wealth is always directly proportional to the amount of traffic and exchange taking place there, and thus its position is absolutely critical.

How can you increase the amount of exchange taking place? First by reducing the amount of strain taking place during each transaction, such as taxes, or difficulty to use the currency. Second, and this is really the secret sauce, hording must be discouraged. Not more than 1 to 10% of wealth should be kept for reserve, as the money must circulate.

What if the people are trading debts, or trading on debts? Debt must circulate just in the same way. People tend to horde when they are in debt, and thus cut the movement and flow of exchange. You must not let fear take over. The only difference between debt and wealth is the amount of 0’s in the bank account. Wealth must still be created in the exact same way.

[Note: With fiat-based currency, wealth is still created through the exact same 3 factors: movement, individuality and exchange. The nature of the currency is irrelevant.]

If you want to create an ideal currency, it must be based on these 3 factors. First, it must have low transaction fees or overhead, and be easy to use. Second, it must respect the individuality and privacy of the people using it, and be void of institutional control, which means it can be used for corruption and black market, and it’s fine. Third, it must have movement and traffic, and be easy to trade both for purchase and for selling.

This may look utterly basic and over-simplified, but all great things begin in simple things. You can build an empire based on a few correct simple principles, if you respect them correctly.

There is a whole system of managing global systems and organizations, once these basic principles are set in place, and whole series of books have been written about that. First, have to get the basics right, as it always comes down to that.

– Marcialus Vanizan Klotinus Krshtinazilus, Operational Manager in the Orion Temple (written 1.2 billion years ago)

Accuracy check: 99.972%

Additional notes:

The current fiat system has movement and exchange, but the institutional control perverts individuality, and it is fragmented between nations. For these reasons, it has no future.

Crypto-currencies have great potential to meet these criterias. It respects individuality, has low transaction fees (**depending on the currency), has vague purpose (with people blindly following the anonymous author’s vision), but lacks movement. The main reason it lacks movement is because people don’t understand it and are afraid of change. It’s lack of regulation also brings fears of abuses, it’s digital nature brings fear of hacking, and it’s volatility makes it highly vulnerable to manipulation. Many people tried to correct these problems but none has done it right so far.

Here’s how to create the perfect crypto-currency. First, it requires constant movement. It must be actively used within an organization, country or environment as the main medium for transactions. Second, the group using it regularly must be large enough, with a million people using it every week being the minimum for a healthy system. Third, being backed by the technology as well as its continual use, it is mostly shielded from volatility. Forth, to put and end to volatility and crypto-currencies being a second-grade alternative, it must stop comparing itself to other currencies, and hold a constant value of its own. You can do this by trading a distinct type of value that stands as a category of its own, where its direct use comes first and its commercial trading comes second.

What type of trading or transaction would stand as a category of one? Here are a few ideas. Of course it can be used as a directory of transactions for real-estate that holds no value of its own, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The trick is have wealth exchange within a closed circle. That’s what each country is doing, after all. You can get anything you want with the local currency, and it doesn’t compete with any other currency even as its value fluctuates on international markets. International fluctuations have no direct impact on what you purchase with local currencies. The question, then, is how to create a local currency on an international scale? You can’t. What you can do, however, is to create one at the level of an organization, country or association, and within that space, you stop using the dollar as a reference point. It needs to be backed by an establishment, organization or association to create a space where at least a million people trade it at least weekly, without using the dollar as a reference point. Only then, you will have movement, orientation, individuality and exchange, and the perfect Liquid Money System for wealth creation.

From that foundation, more advanced concepts could then be applied.

One last thing. The core of a Liquid Management System needs to be constructed on an energetic level as an engine of flow, kind of like a water wheel engine that support and nourishes that movement, and that’s a much more advanced lesson for another time.

Perhaps the best way to explore deeper is to ask deeper questions from here.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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