In the past few days, someone volunteered to translate The History of the Universe into Vietnamese, then someone offered to translate it into Polish, and someone else volunteered to translate it into Czech. This certainly encourages me to continue writing the next book.

In fact, I already started writing the 2nd book with 7200 words written (vibration so far: 82 million) before leaving Thailand in December. The title is Forgotten Alchemy: The Art of Enlightenment. As some of you know, I have studied Alchemy from a Master Alchemist called Jacques Tombazian who died in August of 2015 during the psychic war. I have a notebook from back when I started learning from him in Montreal containing various meditations that are not in any of his own books. These French hand-written notes are the only place to find these meditations right now; except in the notebooks of others who studied from him. I wanted to transcribe these notes but never got to it. So I thought… why not publish them as a book to preserve them? I didn’t mention I was writing it to prevent energetic interference. I started writing the book and everything went great until I got to start transcribing these meditations — then I hit an energetic wall.

Seeing various people wanting to translate the first book encourages me to continue writing this 2nd book. The main challenge are the energetic interference: opening the energetic path with our intent. If you want to help, hold the space for the emergence of this new book. If you take this intent on yourself (and handle the counter-intents and conflicting energies), then it will leave the space open for me to do my job unhindered.

As for translations, it would be most useful to translate it into French, Spanish and Chinese (if there are volunteers). Although this is volunteer work, I can definitely give you the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals and Crystals Activation in exchange for your efforts. Here’s the procedure. It would be best to do the translation directly in Adobe InDesign (you can get a legal subscription at $20/month). Adobe InDesign is similar to Word but has features more specific to publishers. It takes a while to get used to it, but since the layout is already done, all that you need is to replace the text so that will be easy. I can help you if you have any question about InDesign or if anything requires a change of formatting or layout (changing font, perhaps?). You would do the translation directly in InDesign and adapt the layout and page breaks; ideally there wouldn’t be much left for me to do before sending to the printer besides reviewing the layout. Since it is difficult to see all the mistakes yourself, and often one sees more errors during the first read, it also would be good to have 2 other people read it in your language to have a high-quality translation. If you don’t have anyone else willing to do it, you can send it to me as-is and I’ll find someone else for review.

Although French, English and Chinese would be most useful, I see there is a lot of enthusiasm in translating it into exotic languages such as Vietnamese, Polish and Czech. The reason is that none of this ascension knowledge and wisdom is available in those languages and there are many communities of people in those countries who want to read about it. Several people are already translating content for their peers. So, if you want to do a translation, let me know. If not, you can also hold the space to finish writing Forgotten Alchemy: The Art of Enlightenment.

All the best!

(the image on the left is in honor to all these languages I can’t read)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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