The goal of the previous article DNA Structures & Cellular Regeneration was to prepare for this article: exploring the various mind erasing technologies being used by the SSP (Secret Space Program) and some alien races. I would estimate 12.4% of the population has had close encounters with either aliens or the SSP, and in 99.6% of cases, had all memories of it erased. This measures as 100% accurate.

In order to recover such memories, it is important to first understand how such technologies work, and in order to understand how they work, it is important to first understand how memories work. Thus why the first article on DNA structures. We’ll explore the mechanics of memories as pure DNA constructs.

This channeled article is mostly a combination of 3 books assembled together based on our current context. The first book is “Mechanics of Mind Control: How Hive Minds are being Engineered” from Andromedia. The second book is “Collective Memory Clusters, An Overview”, author unknown. The third book is “War of Minds, Methods and Techniques of Control” from Orion.

Lost memories on Earth result mainly from 5 causes, besides natural causes. First we will explore a mind erasing method that was applied to protect advanced souls many thousands of years ago from invaders who destroyed the Ancient Civilizations. The Avians, Orions and Lemurians all participated in this collective sealing of memories, for if they were to survive, they knew they had to hide. Although each soul group has slightly different methods, the procedure remains essentially the same. For the Avians, a massive thick veil is applied on the memories to hide them. It may seem too simple but to the “dissociation of mental constructs” phenomenon, this makes it excessively hard to recover those hidden memories, and the veil in itself is of unimaginable strength due to their high level of consciousness. The Lemurians achieved the same goal using quantum computers as an interface over their memory structures, and most are programmed to automatically unlock just about now, as a gradual process. The Orions have used both methods. In order to recover such memories, quantum computers must be unlocked, and veils must be lifted, and even there, it can only come back at the pace the person is ready for it. Our society can’t yet integrate what’s behind those veils. As of April 21st 2018, 4.6% of those veils have been lifted, and we expect it to be 80% lifted around 2020.

Now for other types of memory swipes, there exists secret space societies that use technologies similar to the movie Men in Black to wipe out memories of events. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people if not millions are being abducted into 20-year-in-and-out programs within those secret space programs, and they are being age-regressed and mind swiped so they don’t remember anything at the end. We will explore the specific methods and technologies being used.

Mind Swipe Taser: This is just like in the movie Men in Black. This is a small quantum computing device designed to restore the integrity and balance of memory structures. It sends a flash to the frontal lobes to loosen up and disrupt short-time memories, and then rebuilds memory structures so they remain coherent with what they’ve experienced their whole life. It thus has the effect of erasing unusual events from one’s memories. It is a very simple device, yet it is very effective. At a DNA level, it “fries” recent memories and builds bridges bypassing those fried connections. This brings a double-challenge in restoring such memories: there is no point of reference to access the erased memory (dissociation of mental constructs), and the memory structures are balanced — even if it’s an artificial balance. First, the balance must be broken, which often happens through weird life experiences that don’t fit the standard container of life. Then, on an energetic level, the fried connections must be healed, false bridges must be broken, and the neural network must pass through the restored fried connections. Voilà!

Age Regression: The people taking part of the Secret Space Program are taken for 20 years before being sent back, and often go through several cycles of 20-year each. The methodology here is a lot more complex, and involves time-travel and portals. When a person is taken via abduction through a portal, it is being sent back to the moment it was taken to maintain continuity of memories, and thus no access to memories stored in a separate DNA disk. When it comes to memories, the technique being used on memories is called “disk swapping”. A person can be taken in and out for various operations, and when they’re in their regular environment on Earth, they only have access to those memories, and when they’re taken on operations, they’re taken into a different energetic space and context that brings a completely different set of memories, and can’t remember anything from their regular life. In order to do Disk Swapping, they will use devices to strengthen the integrity and cohesiveness of each reality, and use psychological training and methods to fully separate those 2 realities. When a person is properly trained, it can flip back and forth easily. As for age-regression, they use cloning technology. When bringing a person back after 20 years, they clone the person to produce the same body he had at the beginning, do an operation to transfer the soul and consciousness of the person into the cloned body, and portal the person back to where he was taken. This obviously has side-effects on health down the road, especially when done repeatedly. Cloning isn’t being done when they’re being taken on operations, only when taking people out for 20 years. Recovering those memories is harder because the separation between DNA memory disks is much greater and the neural integrity of each disk is also greater. Gaining mental awareness of what’s happening on the other side is the first step to break down the false neural balance and open up the neural network. Then even with the neural connections open, it feels like trying to talk to someone across a huge canyon. This canyon effect was applied through psychological training, and can be reversed either through psychological training or energy work. The canyon effect between DNA memory disks must be transmuted and removed as a second step. Then, with neural connections seeking to restore truth, and without having a canyon to cross, little by little, connections will be created between the otherwise separate disks. Once sufficient connections are created, it will become much easier to recover the rest. It is the first 10% that is the hardest. There are also mental programs designed to shut down such attempts that may need to be neutralized.

Memory Alteration: Alien abductions are often accompanied with memory alteration. The exact application varies but it is generally done purely using psychic powers. The process is simple, for a being with strong enough psychic powers. They choose the segments of memories they want to replace, and inject emotions, images or traumas they want to insert in its place. For example, this can be used to cause an abductee to become emotionally dependent on her abductor. For as long as the victim remains emotionally entangled and attached to the abductor, not much can be done. When one wants to break free of such entanglement and regain sovereignty with full awareness and memories, first they must cut karmic bonds and regain their own energetic sovereignty. Only then, they can start working on recovering memories, which can be a tedious and tormenting process — and more often than not, those lost memories are better left alone.

Pineal Bypassing: This type of memory and mind alteration is generally done for remote control of mind clusters, and is by far the most sophisticated. Devices, either physical or energetic, are placed near the pineal gland of the victim, allowing to control the psychic interactions to and from that person. This can be used to inject illusions, fake story-lines, or direct instructions, depending on the context, and combined with a controlled environment, can be used for direct remote population control. This has been done both by AI and by evolved psychic beings. This doesn’t directly alter long-term memories, but it can easily inject short-term memories to suit the desired outcome. This leads to very fragmented memories, but when applied over a group of agents, also leads to very cohesive actions between those agents since they are directly being controlled by the same mind cluster. Since those chips work with sensitive energies, they can be grilled psychically by sending a strong enough energy voltage. Then, healing the memory fragmentation can require considerable work. This is often done on agents abducted into the Secret Space Program, and thus requires also resolving all the problems associated with the Age Regression technique.

Overall, they falsely believe that memories can be permanently deleted, and this is far from the truth. Once you understand that memories are an energetic blueprint of all the experiences a soul goes through, this sequence of data can be masked but never permanently erased. There will always be a way to recover it, period.

Finally, a lot of the hand-work needs to be done by someone with enough psychic skills and knowledge, and can only be done on a 1-on-1 basis. If you want to work with Etienne Charland, you can schedule a complimentary Strategy Session here.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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