There has been a lot of debates in regards to taxes. You pay money to the government, and very little comes back to you in any way, shape or form. Yet you certainly enjoy the benefits of roads and bridges which do cost a lot of money. Where do you draw the line? Here’s a really good definition of tax I like very much: a non-reciprocal or unbalanced transaction.

Here are some examples that fit that definition, besides governmental taxes that are unbalanced transaction and mafia protection fees that are non-reciprocal. Gasoline refineries steal on both ends, placing producers under economic pressure by paying peanuts for the raw oil, and selling it at a very high price to the consumer, without regards to the law of supply and demand, because they control the supply chain. That’s an example of taxation on both ends.

Schools in the USA are another form of tax. They are crushingly expensive, teach literally nothing, and college students in the USA are no more educated than high-school graduates in any other country, according to this video.

Then I just learnt a big one with credit cards. Cash withdrawals charge you more than twice the displayed interest rate, for life or until the balance of the card reaches 0. How do they do that? Let’s say you have a card at 9.9%. Cash withdrawals will charge 10.9% compound interest applied daily, which adds up more. At the end of the month, the 9.9% is added on TOP of the 10.9% daily interest, which means you’re closer to 23%. For a card at 20% interest, it means you’re closer to 45% interest rate. When you send a payment, first it covers purchases, and cash advances are paid last. This means any cash advance on a 20% card is at 45% interest until the card is completely emptied. That’s downright institutional robbery and should be illegal.

By decree of the Holy Spirit, endorsed by the Federation of Light, with the authority of God, I hereby declare the end of taxation. Non-reciprocal and unbalanced transactions are no longer tolerated.

Mica stones have the property of returning and amplifying karma, and neutralizing mental and psychic attacks. All transactions on the planet have now been connected to all the mica stones in the Universe. Non-reciprocal and abusive transaction will no longer go without consequences. If someone steals from me, they will not be able to keep it, and it will immediately come back through some other source.

I am requesting all angelic beings in the cosmos to help enforce this decree issued with absolute authority.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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