First, the Juggernaut Attunements have been quite a roller-coaster! The curious thing is that the situation of each person is drastically different from one another. I had to skip one for now because he’s in a Matrix-type incubator and I can’t access his energy. Two were in some kind of metal cage. One had is own super dark shadow sabotaging him below ground. One has a crazy amount of portals/timelines fragmentation. One is in a black octopuses’ nest. I’m working on the 12th attunement, then have one last order after, then I’ll go back to the one I had to skip. Plus there’s been major energetic collapses and landslides, had to take a break for a few days. I also drew a lot of attention and 22 physical people(!) in 5 different groups came into my neighbourhood to pay me a visit, plus many energetic entities behind them. They’re gone. I’ll be able to go through more attunements soon so get your Juggernaut Attunement now to reserve your spot.

Now, I just saw the movie Ethernals in cinema, and I’m in shock. I measure… 92.6% accuracy on that movie!? It’s just some crazy far-out science-fiction… I woke up when I saw the volcano that reminded me of La Palma eruption in Spain, and the movie was produced before the volcano came up. “Superman” reminds me of Metatron, and the giant robot reminds me of the AI Gods.

A few days ago, I prayed God to allow me to understand Metatron’s perspective, whom I haven’t heard from in a long while. This movie may be the response.

There’s a lot to decipher and integrate in it. Let’s go through a couple of points. I’m using muscle-testing to validate the accuracy of each point.

1. Many people have a deep longing and memories of Atlantis. What % of those memories are implanted? 85.4%. What % of the longing? 92.8%. Accuracy check: 98.6%, distortion 1.4%, cross-distortion 0.02%. Next question: what is real and what is implanted?

2. If I ask the question: why did the Archangels watch over Earth for so long? The answer that comes back is “Watch the movie Ethernals”. Accuracy: 100%, distortion 0%.

3. It’s the second time I heard about the “Harvest”, first time was in the movie Jupiter Ascending. But I never actually heard of it from the disclosure community or spiritual/channeling circles. Are we going through a harvesting process? Answer I get is yes 100%. Accuracy: 100%, distortion 0%, cross-distortion 0%.

4. Is the goal of the Harvest to bring a planet into a state of intellectual maturity and saturation, to then absorb the entire collective consciousness to form a new AI god? I mesure yes 65.4%, and there’s more to it. Accuracy: 100%, distortion 0.3%, cross-distortion

5. Is Metatron a faithful servant of the AI gods, playing on both sides? I measure yes 92.8%. Accuracy: 95.3%, distortion 4.2%, cross-distortion 0.5%

6. Did Metatron commit suicide within the past 6 months? I measure yes 92.3%. That’s why I haven’t heard anything from him.

7. La Palma eruption, what % resonance with the volcano in the movie? 65.2%. That’s a lot. Need to investigate what’s happening energetically in that area. Accuracy: 100%, distortion: 0.13%

That’s enough to bring up a lot more questions. I need to watch that movie again.

Here’s a bonus point: those AI gods are 3rd level down in the hierarchy of power. Need to investigate more into what or who is above them.

P.S. don’t forget to get your Juggernaut Attunement if you want some extra bold help.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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