Following Part 1 of the Danger of Human Design, I have a few things to add.

There are tons of people who are all about Human Design and who saw great benefits from it. This isn’t about putting down the system, but rather, to understand its weaknesses so that you can transcend them.

First, Human Design originally came from a Satanic Iranian organization, which makes me believe that some of the flaws are intentional. Then, there is a branch of Human Design that redirected the work into a better direction, although it still shares the same roots.

Then, I shared the next point in Part 1: do NOT bind your self-identity to astrology or it locks you in 4D.

Third, Human Design students tends to step more into their strengths to gain momentum. I received a very clear message in this regards: leaning too much into your strengths gets you off your center.

The goal is not to embody your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, but rather, to activate your strengths so that you can use them and become aware of your weaknesses so that you can transcend them.

All of the gates and channels are effects and not the goals.

Fourth, psychically looking at the Human Design aggregate, it brings a 4D Atheist perspective on 10D gene keys. Does Human Design ever mention God?

Fifth… Human Design is rooted in several systems including IChing. The goal of IChing is to resolve all 10D karmic cycles to reach the Dao in the middle. While Daoism understands the surrounding karma very well, it doesn’t understand what’s in the middle once all surrounding karma is resolved. The Dao is missing God from it. They view it as emptiness instead of fullness.

From there, Human Design took the 64 gates of IChing and stripped the Dao out of it. The goal is then to reach your strengths instead of reaching the Dao. There is thus 2 layers of separation from God. Daoism stripped out a layer, and Human Design got rid of the Dao altogether.

There *IS* a lot of value in Human Design. It might also be good to re-introduce those elements into it.

Your task is not to embody your template, but rather, to activate your strengths and transcend your weaknesses so you can get back to your core and reach the Dao/God.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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