Human Design has really grown in popularity over the past years — at about the same time I stopped going to live events because the energetic environment in the USA became too incompatible with my energy.

I’m finally starting to look into Human Design, and there’s really good stuff in it. Gene Keys tap into 10D dynamics, and there’s more for me to explore there. Human Design also has lots of applications to understand and adjust your inner patterns. However, I first have to clear the corruption in that aggregate before looking deeper into its value.

If we look at the top 1% of spiritually-evolved people on the planet, they are currently 95.2% in 3D, 92.6% in 4D, 3.6% in 5D, and 0.015% in 6D. There is essentially a very strong blockade in 5D from Love & Light spiritual people, and there’s an even stronger blockage in 4D from essentially Atheist energy workers.

Here’s the kicker: Human Design is 34.6% responsible for the 4D blockade on a planetary level!!

What’s going on here?

In simple words: Your task is not to “be” your astrological template, but to overcome it.

I’m currently 22% Generator / 64% Manifestor, but my higher self is 25/25/25/25. I find that I’m a lot more powerful and balanced when operating from that higher self space.

Understanding your astrological templates is very useful to understand yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses — so that you can overcome them, not so that you forge your self-identity around them!

Binding your self-identity to astrology locks you in 4D.

Astrology is 8D, and its underlying dynamics are 9D, but if you bind your self-identity to it, then you lock into 4D. Which shows that even the best tools can be used in good and bad ways.

Gene Keys are 10D, the underlying dynamics of it 9D, and its astrology 8D. There’s definitely power in there that I need to explore deeper, but on my own terms. Not in forging my self-identity around my chart, but by understanding my weaknesses and opening up ALL gene keys.

I started opening up the 64 Gene Keys by opening up 64 valves… this activation is still at only about 30%, but it has a massively balancing effect when I do them all at once. This is 10D stuff, and I’m grateful for it.

“I AM” followed by Generator/Projector/Manifestor/Reflector is a very powerful and dangerous sentence. You can say it’s your template, but it’s not who you are. Your body is not who you are either. Your current incarnation is not who you are. That’s what you start with, and it’s entirely up to you what you do with it.

Right now, ending the 4D and 5D blockades is a very top priority, and Human Design is 34.6% responsible for the 4D blockade. The approach we’re currently taking is this.

The whole Human Design aggregate needs an upgrade from its very roots, that alters how everything gets applied. We can inject crystal codes into the aggregate with new knowledge and awareness. Primarily in protecting the self-identity so that it does not get bound to your templates. Protecting the self-identity core is the main point that will make the most difference.

If some people wanted to maintain the population under slavery, the self-identity is what they would target: providing all kind of knowledge that binds your self-identity to this and that, such as “I’m a manifestor”, “I’m a Capricorn”, “I’m a Liberal”, “I’m a social activist”, “I’m gay”, “I’m gender-independent”, “I’m a Goddess”, etc.

Your self-identity is your foundation and it holds tremendous power. Which brings you back to the eternal question: WHO AM I.

For this Human Design aggregate upgrade, we’re doing it retroactively through time, from the beginning of Human Design all the way to now. The upgrade is being broadcasted and injected into the collective consciousness throughout the timeline, so that we can create new timelines where this shift has already been integrated.

Thus, this upgrade will integrate into our current reality very quickly, and it should stabilize within 2 weeks.

And while being at it — why not softly inject this “self-identity core protection” for the population as a whole for the past 10 years.

There’s a lot I’ve been wanting to write about, but this deadlock has been blocking everything ever since I came back from Thailand. It’s time to end this consciousness blockade.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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