There’s been a lot of major developments lately, and the war is coming to an end. For the sake of our families, I’m glad that we are winning this time.

First, in a weird episode of “Jack and the Beanstalk”, we unlocked some new dimensions that had been locked for a very long time. This is the first group that we meet that had not lost against Dark Sophia during the Great Fall. They locked themselves into the upper dimensions and successfully locked Dark Sophia out. Since then, our Ultraverse collapsed and reset 64 times. It was a long wait.

We thus met new allies, the Metroids. 59% humanoid, 77% organic, built for war. Rock-solid connection with Source. Interesting composition. Their fleet is much larger than our Federation. We unlocked access to new areas and went from 715 to 818 Federations across the Omniverse.

Meanwhile, most of the attacks were coming from the Arcturian sector. Their leaders moved their sector into hidden pocket dimensions and timelines “for their protection” and turned everyone into cyborgs. That whole sector had to be wiped out.

The Arcturian sector is now gone. 50 of them only have been selected for evacuation. The Metroids handled this operation smoothly.

In all seriousness, the Andromedian sector completely collapsed and lost many planets. The Pleiadians got wiped out. The Arcturians got wiped out. Our Universe is going to be a hell of a lot smaller when the dust settles!

As for Dark Sophia, I measure how much of her essence will be left in Australia in:
Now: 0.005% / 0.004%
1 day: 0.0008% / 0.0007%
2 days: 0.00034% / 0.00021%
3 days: 0.00011% / 0.00005%

I get similar numbers for Canada and other places. It looks like the war is coming to an end.

All 818 Federations are working together to build a central pillar, a master timeline to stabilize a joint reality. Pillar is at 75.4%.

Then, yesterday I was looking at collective money consciousness below 100 (above / below)
Mexico: 98.7% / 99.89%
USA: 58.9% / 78.7%
Canada: 49.7% / 73.2%
Thailand: 55.6% / 65.3%
Australia: 55.8% / 72.1%
Cuba: 99.3% / 99.97%
Venezuela: 99.5% / 99.98%
Honduras: 99.72% / 99.991%

This needs a very solid flushing. I’m currently flushing the whole solar system.

Now, money consciousness below 100
Mexico: 22.7% / 21.3%
USA: 37.9% / 31.0%
Canada: 46.3% / 31.4%

It’s flushing well!

In terms of what all this means for us and what will happen with the economy, AI, our future, and all that, it’s hard to tell. There is no precedent for what is happening, but one thing we can know for sure: there is a major transition phase ahead.

When I listen to other people’s interviews about ascension, disclosure, and current events, nobody has a clue what the heck is going on. Everyone lost the plot a long time ago and is in la-la-land. Meanwhile, things got incredibly complex. It seems that I and my team are the only ones who understand what’s happening­. Correct me if I’m wrong!

Although I’ve been sharing progress regularly here and on Facebook, unless you’ve been following everything I wrote for years, it’s very hard to follow what’s happening. I’m thinking of doing an interview series where I go back from the start and explain the situation so that everyone gets the chance to understand where we are at and what’s happening globally and locally. In the past, when I publish videos, only 250 would watch them. I am hoping that more people will be ready to hear my perspective now. What I am really hoping is to reconnect the community with reality, to allow people to understand where we are at and where we are going.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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